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My worst nightmares came true that night. 
Oh to get back to those moments. 
The moments just before we knew. 
The peace and happiness. Blissful ignorance.
The calm, content moments before our world changed forever.
Before happiness was a memory and life became nothing but survival.

Happy Halloween!! Yaay! My favorite holiday in my favorite season! Makes me so happy .. except this year has been so hectic I've hardly been able to enjoy it, rl or sl, and that's rather depressing. Like my Christmas has been ruined. *sad kitty sniffles*
But it's not too late! There's still today/tonight to do some trick or treating and grid jumping to snatch up some of the amazing holiday goodies. And I have a TON to share with you now, some events and sales ending tonight, some just getting started - let me break it down.

[Fetch] is among the amazing bunch at the current [Oct 15th - Nov 14th] round of The Liaison Collaborative with this lovely full bar set. Your corner bar, stools, 2 Ashtray versions, Single and Double Beers, Crates, Candle and Bar Sign! Woo, that was a mouth full. And in true [Fetch] fashion it's all so nicely made and textured I just love it! Oh, and it's 50% for the the event - so you definitely want to get on that.

Speaking of things you should grab up soon, Verocity is at Suicide Dollz [the current round which closes tonight] with two new pose sets, Emily being an adorable single set of 6 poses and

KalRaye's Confections is at a new round of The Candy Shop that starts tomorrow [Nov 1st] with this adorable one piece Mesh Romper with a hud of colors/fabrics. While The Little Bat is at The Body Modification Expo which ends today [Oct 31st] with these skully Punked Slink Heels in a number of colors and the tiniest skull ever on her too cute Skele Septum Piercing among her goodies there. She's also at the Kawaii Vs Creepy Gacha event *blog link autoplay warning* [Oct 25th - Nov 22nd] with the CUTEST gacha sets - her creepy side being my newest "favorite thing"s. Creepy Collections is a common set of necklaces, each being a tiny jar topped with a pretty bow. But inside each jar is something delightfully creepy - the floating jaw bone of Pickled Teeth, swirling unrest souls of Ghost and the bottled spiders of Cobweb Oils and tentacles of Octopus Ink to name a few - they're just a-dor-ABLE!! And, topper of all toppers are the rares. Two hand held witchy bags filled with all of your spell casting and brew cooking needs. Love.
While Cubic Cherry Kre-ations is also at The Body Mod Expo with three different color dip styles of their new Faded Horns, each coming in a ton of colors. And Dark Passions has a lovely new set of her Koffin Nails Slink mani/pedi polishes at Horror Haute, Vampire Vixen is on sale for 50% for this week only [ending soon]!
Hair: Emo-tions - Jona, Black [Group Gift]
Makeup: Eyes: Zombie Suicide - Eyeshadow Add-On Set 1, Pink [shop/mp]
               Lips: Delizio - Lip Makeup Fat Pack 1, 18 Dry Cherry [mp]

Outfit: KRC - Mesh Romper NEW! @ The Candy Shop [starts 11.1]
Jacket: *D.B.D* - Body Suit Outfit, Jacket [shop/mp]
Shoes: TLB - Punked Slink Heels, in Grey NEW! @ Suicide Dollz [ends 10.31]

Head: Cubic Cherry - Faded Horns (III), in November NEW! @ Body Mod Expo [ends 10.31]
Piercing: TLB - Skele Septum Piercing, Silver NEW! @ Body Mod Expo [ends 10.31]
Neck: TLB - Creepy Collections/Cobweb Oil NEW! @ Kawaii Vs Creepy [ends 11.22]
Nails: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Vampire Vixen NEW! @ Horror Houte [50% end 10.31]

I am so in love with the long layers of the Exile San Francisco hair I just picked up, wish I could pull off these bangs in rl too. Also wish I could get Death Rocker Bettie Crockers new The Craft mini dress in rl! Out now on her mp and in the shop with a hud filled with 8 different fun textures at a "promo price" that I'm not sure if there's an end! And if you hurry you can grab her Succubus Shoes for Slink High Feet in a selection of colors/fabrics from Suicide Dollz before they close tonight to switch rounds. M-Nus also has a new release for us, their Latex Stocking come in a number of colors with huds for those bottoms and Slink feets. [Yay Omega!]
Cute Poison is at the Bloody Horror Fair with this perfectly dirty Gore Whore Necklace; while Cubic Cherry Kre-ations is at the Tales of Fantasy event [ends Nov 2nd] with these beautiful Druid's Call Necklaces in a rainbow of colors.
The Little Bat is also at the Halloween Blackout *blog link autoplay warning* [which ends tonight] with these fun Pearl Bat Rings. And here's a sneak peek of those awesome Creepy Collections Rares of hers at Kawaii Vs Creepy.
Hair: Exile - San Francisco, Dark Reds [shop]
Makeup: Eyes: Zombie Suicide - Eyeshadow Add-On Set 1, Brown [shop/mp]
                  + Glamorize - Onyx Eyeliners, 1 [L$4 mp]
               Lips: Delizio - Lip Makeup Fat Pack 1, 07 Coral Rose [mp]

Dress: DRBC - The Craft - Samhain Fatpack, 8 Textures w/ Hud NEW! PROMO! shop/mp
Legs: M-Nus - Latex Stockings, in Noir NEW! in shop
Shoes: DRBC - Succubus Shoes, in Noir NEW! @ Suicide Dollz [ends 10.31]

Plugs: Zombie Suicide - Leopard Plugs Add-on [mod] in shop
Piercings: Hebenon Vial - Liquid Silver [mod][No longer available]
Neck: Cute Poison - Gore Whore Necklace NEW! @ Bloody Horror Fair [ends 11.5]
  + Cubic Cherry - Druid's Call Necklace, Shadow/Silver NEW! @ Tales of Fantasy [ends 11.3]
Arm: TLB - Creepy Collection/Witches Bag V2 Rare NEW! @ Kawaii Vs Creepy [ends 11.22]
Finger: TLB - Pearl Bat Ring, Red NEW! @ Blackout Gacha Event [ends 10.31]
Nails: Alaskametro<3 - Slink + Omega Manicure/Pedicure Applier -
                                                 Metalic Pack: Vamp/Silver [mp]

Zombie Suicide has released these AWEsome Tentacle Tongues for the Bloody Horror Fair, that I both love but creeps me out! Ah! And KalRaye's Confections and the others will be wrapping up the The Geeking Dead hunt, which I recommend hitting up before they do! Where you can find their bloody Obsessed Dress among the lot of lovely gifties to be found.
And last but not least, Cubic Cherry Kre-ations also happens to be at the current round of the Fantasy Collective with these beautifully made Choker Necklaces in a number of colors - that this zombie just does not do justice! XD
Av: System Avatar -Zombie Sadie (mesh) [Library > Clothing > Initial Outfits]

Dress: KRC - Obsessed Dress NEW! in shop/Geeky Dead sim hunt [ends 10.31]

Mouth: Zombie Suicide - Tentacle Tongue - NEW! @ Bloody Horror Fair [ends 11.5]
Neck: Cubic Cherry - Choker Necklace, Ruby NEW! @ Fantasy Collective

Poses: Verocity - Emily Pose Set NEW! @ Suicide Dollz [ends 10.31]
        + Project Puppet - Zombie Poses Group Gift, G5 [past GG/mp]
                    Zombie Close Up Shots: G3

Also Pictured:
Fetch -  Lyla Bar NEW! @ The Liaison Collaborative
Fetch - Trophy Weapon Wall Art [9.14 Level Up/Find in shop/mp]
Pinky Villota - 4 Shelfs 1 Prim [L$1 mp]
Grimes Central Designs - Free Promo Bar Accessories [L$0 mp]
Grimes Central Designs - Free Promo - 100% Mesh 1 Prim Fire Extinguisher [L$0 mp]
Soy - Pumpkins, Raven and Cobweb NEW! [10.14 Group/Subscriber Gift]
Tarte - Spider Web Light, Free Gift @ Trunk or Treat [ends 11.5]
Cubic Cherry Kre-ations -  Little Ghost, Myr NEW! @ RMK Halloween
Fetch - Lanterns Pack NEW! in shop/mp

[All names, sales, links and information is correct as of the date of posting]

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This post is cursed I tell you! CURSED! >.< From the moment I started to pull things together! My sl went wonky, crashing me, freezing me and one day not letting me in AT ALL for hours upon hours. Then rl family nonsense pulled me away only for me to come home to no internet for nearly two days! If I were superstitious I may be afraid to post this for fear of my blog crashing or going poof or something of the sort. >.> But no. The show must go on!! 

And that it most certainly is at the Creepy Cutie Carnival. Which is currently in it's second and final week, and with the amount of creepy, bloody and so oddly cute exclusives to be found there it's not an event to be missed.
With sponsors like The Plastik, KalRaye's Confection, PixelGeek, Aya, {MV}, Goth1c0 and Blue Blood (to name just a few) among the mix of loveliness to be found you should probably just head over there now and have a look-see for yourself.

To add to the fun there will also be a series of mini events AT the event!
October 24th-26th - Mini mystery 10L or Less Hunt.
October 30th-31st -  48 Hour Madness Sale [1 or more items marked down 50% or more]
October 31st - Halloween Party! 6-10 pm slt [DJs, Freebies & Gifts, Costume Contest & more]
More information can be found here.

Ahahaaa, I will have your soul!
Hair: Taketomi - Kakoa, Red 02 [9.14 Gacha Mania]
Makeup: Eyes: Nemezi - Smokey Black [L$5 mp]
               Lips: Ama. - The Shredder Exclusive! @ Creepy Cutie Carnival

Dress: Aya - Samara Dress & Heels Exclusive! @ Creepy Cutie Carnival

Head: MELONopolis - Hybrid Horns Exclusive! @ Creepy Cutie Carnival
Neck: Garbaggio - Eyeball Bow Tie Choker Exclusive Exclusive! @ Creepy Cutie Carnival
Back: Jinx (Demina Designs): Demon Wings, Red Devil @ Creepy Cutie Carnival
Hands:  Demented Dollworks Creations - Marionette Control Mouth Accessory [mod][mp]
Finger: Garbaggio - Eyeball Ring Exclusive! @ Creepy Cutie Carnival
Nails: MELONopolis - Slink Nail Polish / Penta Exclusive! @ Creepy Cutie Carnival
She just wont stop.
Hair: Ayashi - Keri Hair Exclusive! @ Creepy Cutie Carnival
Eyebrows: Candy Mountain - Tintable Dotted Sticker Eyebrows [in shop/mp]
Makeup: Eyes: Glamorize - Hello Eye Makeup - 13 Colors, Red [mp]
           Cheeks: Miasnow - Dolly Freckles, Tintable [L$1 mp]
Skin: PixyStix - Doll Parts (Skin)* Exclusive! @ Creepy Cutie Carnival
       + Love N Lust Designs - Omega Applier Kit (for Wowmeh), Skin Applier Kit

Dress: Eclat - Eva, in Black & Red Exclusive! @ Creepy Cutie Carnival
Shoes: Tori-Tastic - Jelly Princess Heels @ Creepy Cutie Carnival

Nails: The Little Bat - Fall Candy Slink Nails [in shop/mp]
Extras: Black Catter - Marionette Strings [L$1 mp]

Want to play?
Hair: Ayashi - Keri Hair Exclusive! @ Creepy Cutie Carnival
Makeup: Eyes: Glamorize - Hello Eye Makeup - 13 Colors, Subtle Blue [mp]
Skin: PixyStix - Doll Parts (Skin)* Exclusive! @ Creepy Cutie Carnival
       + Love N Lust Designs - Omega Applier Kit (for Wowmeh), Skin Applier Kit
Tattoo Layer: Ama. - All Over Blood Splatter [in shop/mp]

Dress: Entice - Sweet Surrender Outfit [knife included] Exclusive! @ Creepy Cutie Carnival

Nails: The Little Bat - Fall Candy Slink Nails [in shop/mp]
Extras: Black Catter - Marionette Strings [L$1 mp]

Main: Sha/Demon: My Own/Unavailable
          Clara/Dead Doll: Lapin - Sitting Doll, 3 [mp]
          Marie/Killer Doll: Just Posing - Where Are You Going? (knife included) Exclusive!  
                                                                                                                               @ Creepy Cutie Carnival

Singles: Sha: Verocity - Sha Pose Set, 3 [in shop/mp]
              Clara & Marie: Verocity - Sha Pose Set, 4 [in shop/mp]

*Doll Parts Skin includes with and without brow & nipples options in a Regular, Flat and Heavy with a ton of appliers: Slink [Visage, Physique, Hands & Feet], TMP [Head & Body], Omega, Baby Pump, Lola, Loud Mouth, Nyam Nyam and Butts [L.Inc, Sking, UL, G.Inc, Banned][seen here]

Event Blog | LM | Flickr Group | Seraphim
[All names, sales, links and information is correct as of the date of posting]
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Oh my goodness, the lovely miss TheRachelRaye of KalRaye's Confections is so on top of her game I've had these outfits for over a month and nearly forgot!! *facepalm* And for such an amazing event!? I'm so ashamed. 

But it's not over just yet! Today is the final day to visit the wonderful event Cosplay for a Cure, brought to us by Nerds for Cures.
Raising money for breast cancer research in the most lovely nerdy way possible! With a focus on all things to send our nerdy hearts a flutter, with a focus on cosplay and pink for this event. This isn't one to missed! Now scoot! Don't wait. [Seraphim]

Hair: Lamb - Xtal, Bloods Pack [2.14 Collab88]
Makeup: Eyes: Izzie's - Eyeliner Set (10 Styles), in Eyeliner

Outfit: KalRaye's Confections - Fitmesh Lucky School Uniform, in Blue NEW! @ Cure Con
Shoes: Soulglitter - Mesh Overknee Stiletto Boots, Patent/Red [mp]

Head: Sugar & Spice - Free Luna Kitty Plushie [L$1 mp]
Nails: Dark Designs - Slink Ruby Touch Nail Polish - in Reds [L$1 mp]

[All names, sales, links and information are correct as of the date of posting]
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The Candy Fair is reaching it's end.. as in today it ends! So if you haven't gone - GO! Hurry! 
They're having a closing party tonight at 7 pm slt to take things out with a bang! Info here.
The adorable sweetness thats mere presence will give you cavities awaits and is so very worth the rush!! I do apologize for the late sharing, seems the harder I work to take photos and blog the amazing pretties coming out with you the harder rl laughs and changes my plans. BUT, I refuse to stop and tides are turning! After a move next month (*fingers crossed*) my schedule and all things will be completely different and a TON easier on so many things, including my blogging! I'm so excited!! Until then though - Halloween, my favorite of all holidays during my favorite of all seasons, is fast approaching and there's a lot of goodies to be shared!

Cubic Cherry Kre-ations is at the Candy Fair with their new too cute Chobii Glasses gacha, the big frames come in a number of colors with the cutest little stars. Also their Mephy Umbrellas gacha where you can win an assortment of yummy colors in the plain or with chocolate sauce covered tops. [You can also hunt for a black version in or around the Cubic Cherry shop as you hunt down the gifts of of the Tengoku No Rakuen Hunt being held there! Can you find both versions?! More info here.]
While [Fetch] is there with some adorable decorations of the sweetest sorts! A Treat Neon gacha with your favorite treats made into florescent lights and scrumptious marquees signs - my kitchen has never been so sweet! 
And 8f8 never disappoints with their finally detailed deserts and scrumptious goodies so realistic you want to bite the screen. And their new Mange Destin gacha is no different. YUM!!

While not for an event, but still new and certainly worth grabbing up! KalRaye's Confections has a Cropped October Top in a selection of prints that's so comfy I may need them all to keep from wearing the same one all of the time. hehee. KRC is also having a 50% off sale on select items, just look for the purple tag! [info] Aaaand, they're also hosting The Geeking Dead sim wide hunt, so tons of fun and worth a visit over there!

M-Nus has released not one, but two sets of new capris. Their Fulltone Jeans come in a number of shades as does the Halftone Jeans version and between the two there's certainly a shade for everyone and any outfit. 

And be sure to drop by the new round of the OMG Room! Verocity is there with a set of beautiful new poses, The Seven Sins Pose Set comes of course with seven very lovely poses.
Hair: Eaters Coma - Gift 03, Mauve, Dark [available group gift]
      + Spellbound - Hairbases / Reds, Copper Roots [mod/tinted]
Makeup: Eyes: Mercury - Sharp Eyeliner Black [Free on mp]
           Cheeks: Angelica - Candy Makeup - Star, in Pink Free Gift @ The Candy Fair
                Lips: Changing Faces - Lipgloss V2 Makeup, Normal Shine [Free on mp]

Top: KalRaye's Confections - Cropped October Top, in Eat Cake & Die NEW! in shop
Pants: M-Nus - Fulltone Jeans, in Black NEW! in shop
Shoes: KoiKoi - Cherry Poppers, in Lime & Mango [Slink Mid] NEW! @ The Candy Fair

Plugs: Zombie Suicide - Leopard Plugs Add-on [mod] in shop
Head: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - Chobii Glasses, in Pink Rare NEW! @ The Candy Fair
Piercings: Hebenon Vial - Liquid Silver [mod]
Neck: Plastik - Krysis Necklace // Cupcake - Creme Bday [past Candy Factory event]
Hand: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations -Mephy Umbrella, in Sky NEW! @ The Candy Fair
Nails: Nail Me - SL F&O Group Gift, Ooze NEW! [current gift w/ SL F&O group]

Poses: Main: Verocity - The Seven Sins Pose Set, Vanity NEW! @ OMG Room
   Secondary: Verocity - The Seven Sins Pose Set, Wrath NEW! @ OMG Room

Also pictured:
Floorplan - Popcorn Machine - Silver [9.14 Arcade]
8f8 - Mange Destin - Near full set [shown here] NEW! @ The Candy Fair
8f8 - Sweet Bakery - Cookies, Muffins, Popcakes, Cupcakes, Marshmallows,
                                   Macaroons &  Garden Table [4.14 Seasons Story]
Apple Fall - Christmas Cookies [unsure of gacha set/event]Myrrine - Candy tree - 3 NEW! @ The Candy Fair
Fetch - Treat Neons - Heart Lolly Rare NEW! @ The Candy Fair
Fetch - Sweet Marquee Sign NEW! @ The Candy Fair

Linus Humphreys - The Candy Shop [mod][L$1 on mp]
Linus Humphreys - Urban Steampunk Building [low prim version] [L$1 on mp]
Road/Sidewalks: Tampon Inside - Urban Road Set
[L$8 on mp]

[All names, sales, links and information are correct as of the date of posting] 
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You will forget all of your worries and all of your fears, 
Your cares and concerns all at once will disappear. 
You'll forget all that ailed you, troubled and stressed you. 
Along with all of your cares, hopes and dreams. 
All that you love and cherish will be distant memories.
Here. With me.

Oh the pretties of Suicide Dollz and the naughties of ROMP [fb]. Rawr! 
Death Rocker Bettie Crocker is among the pretties with these amazingly textured (as always!) and very sexy Secret Garden Corsets in a selection of fabrics. Also there is Salt with these lovely Lacey Garters that come with a good mix of appliers. Yay! Out now at Suicide Dollz [Oct 5th-18th]
And among the naughties is [Fetch], with their Anastasia Bedroom set that comes in both a general and adult version full of perfectly lovely animations. In black woods and red velvet with side tables and dripping candles to add the subtle glow and long thick curtains to block out the sun - in shop and at 50% off for this months round of ROMP [Oct. 10th-13th], you don't want to miss this! 

Zombie Suicide is also at it again with these super sexy and kick ass Killer Heels that are out now in her shop and come with a hud of colors.
Once I seen this My Dead Pet bird skull head piece from Dirty Stories, which comes with a color hud for the bow, it just had to be  mine! XD
And peeks at one of The Little Bats lovely new items out now at The Body Mod Expo, her Fingers Piercings fitted perfectly for Slinks casual hands.

Hair: (Red)Mint - Hair No.26'14, Dark Reds NEW! in shop
Makeup: Eyes: Glamorize - Color Twist Eye Makeup, 3 mp
              + Cain - Ghostly Shadow - Eyeshadow mp
               Lips: Sn@tch - After Hours Makeup, Harlot [past hunt gift]

Top: DRBC - Secret Garden Corset, in Noir* NEW! @ Suicide Dollz
Panties: Personal creator gift/unavailable 
Garter: Salt - Lacey Garter, in Coal NEW! @ Suicide Dollz
Stocking: Blacklace - Slink Basic Classic Lace Stockings mp
       + Love n' Lust - Omega Applier Kit for Wowmeh 
Shoes: Zombie Suicide - Killer Heels NEW! in shop

Head: DirtyStories - My Dead Pet NEW! in shop
Neck: Azoury - Amalia Nevklace, Dark Rare NEW! @ The Gathering
Back: Cute Poison - Spinal Piercing in shop
Fingers: The Little Bat - Fingers Piercing/Casual NEW! @ Body Mod Expo 
        + Birdy (Foxes) - The Witching Hour - Melancholy Ring Set, Silver [9.14 The Secret Affair]
Nails: Beauty by Alaskametro<3 - Slink Manicure/Pedicure, Vamp/Silver mp

Poses: Verocity - Kloi Pose Set, 5 & 4 in shop/mp

Also pictured:
Fetch - Anastasia Bedroom NEW! in shop for ROMP
Ison - Altar - Altar Table, Light of Life, Death in a Bottle [9.14 Arcade]
Mirror - Personal picture frame/Unavailable 
Fashionably Dead - Posed Cats - 02 Sleeping Curled, 09 Ready to Pounce [9.14 Arcade]

Note: I hadn't realize the texture of the top had not refreshed completely, so the top image has been edited to fix, the bottom has not.
Terribly sorry!

*Item has been modified/phtoshopped and will not appear inworld as does in my image(s). 
[All names, sales, links and information are correct as of the date of posting]

[click image to enlarge]
Filling bushels of apples and picking the most perfect of pumpkins. 
Wrapped in the soft warmth of sweaters and hoodies 
with the soft crunch of fallen leaves beneath our feet and
the chill and fresh sent of the Fall air surrounding us. 
For so very many reasons Fall is my most favorite season of all. 

For many October means Fall - hoodies, bonfires and crunchy leaves under your feet. And Halloween! In SL that also means the start of many events with those and so many more creepy and fun themes are starting! 
I Heart the Cart: Night of the Living Cart Sale in one them and celebrating their One Year Anniversary! And with that the event is running for the entire month with lots of special goodies! Each participating shop has waiting for you among their goods a special 10L sales item, a themed item (this months theme of course being Halloween, yay!) and a 2L mini hunt item hid somewhere around the event and surrounding grounds! Muahahahaaa

Hair: Damselfly - Zeke [5.14 Fantasy Fair Gift]
Makeup: Lips: Mock - Mariellis Triple Pack Lip Color, El Salva, Lip 0

Top: Kita's Sideshow - The End Tank @ I Heart the Cart mini hunt
Jacket: Nerdology - Knitted Jack Hoodie I Heart the Cart mini hunt (male/female)
Pants: Rising Hystyria - Bloody Leggings @ I Heart the Cart mini hunt (womens)
Shoes: Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes - Magan, Black I Heart the Cart mini hunt

Neck: Co*Motion - Vamp Fang Necklace @ I Heart the Cart mini hunt
Nails: La Boheme - Slink Manicure & Pedicure, Bats @ I Heart the Cart mini hunt

Hair: Pink Hustler - 70535, Maron [Subscriber gift]
Makeup: Eyes: Langly - Eyeliner - mp gift, #1 [Free on mp]
         Lips: Fledge - Opening Gift - Icecream Lip Smudge, Peach [past shop gift]
          +: Changing Faces - Lipgloss V2 Makeup, Normal Shine 

Top: dirty.little.secret - Mesh Cropped Sweater Duo, in Stitched Leaf @ I Heart the Cart
Skirt: Cupcake Clothing - Pumpkin Patch Outfit, Skirt @ I Heart the Cart
Shoes: dirty.little.secret - Fall Prints Trio, Orange Dots @ I Heart the Cart
  [shoes made for system feet, minor resizing tweaks allow fit to Slink Flat] 

Head: Nerdology - Kawaii Halloween Bows, Dots 1 @ I Heart the Cart
Finger: Mmm...Kay! - Maple Leaf Ring 10L item @ I Heart the Cart
Nails: Nail Me - Slink Av Enhancements * Spooky Candy @ I Heart the Cart mini hunt

Poses: Main: Mmm...Kay! - Halloween Pumpkin Couples Pose @ I Heart the Cart mini hunt
    Singles: Verocity - Jonella Pose Pack, 5 & 2 NEW! @ OMG Room [seraphim]

Also pictured:
Cherrie Pie - Friendship Bench @ I Heart the Cart mini hunt
Aisling - Pumpkin Freebie [Free on mp]
The Little Branch - Sunflower_cluster1 @ I Heart the Cart
The Little Branch - Maple_Fall_V1 @ I Heart the Cart
The Little Branch - RedMaple_Fall1 @ I Heart the Cart
The Little Branch - Blackgum1_Falling_Leaves @ I Heart the Cart mini hunt
I Heart the Cart - Ghost Companion @ I Heart the Cart mini hunt
Wicked Temptations - Autumn Tree with sits @ I Heart the Cart mini hunt
Carlo's Creations - Summer/Autumn Tall Grass Field Meadow 15 Grass Shades

I Heart the Cart event brought to you by The Artist Shed. Post 1 of 3.
[All names, sales, links and information are correct as of the date of posting]