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Oh wow, has rl been a mad house! Months of planning, shopping for bits and pieces here and there over sales and mark downs and the help of some amazing family friends is finally coming together for a remodel and updates needed to my Mothers home are finally underway, Woohoo!

But so are a TON of shopping events in sl! And all of the lovely sales The Thrift Shop most especially should not be missed! And wraps up October 1st, so if you haven't been - GO!

And Kita's Sideshow is there with a ton of sale pretties, including a variety of Graphic Tanks and Jewel Skinny Jeans in a selection of some awesome fade shades. The Little Bat is also there with a selection of Slink polishes that come in the most perfect Fall shades of mani/pedi that you'll want to grab them all up while the price tags are so low! Along with her Rosie Slink Flats that I just adore.
Also Cubic Cherry Kre-ations is at the current round of The Gacha Mania with these adorably detailed Cute Ribbon Rings.
Hair: Ploom - Inge, #5 [7.14 OMGacha]
Makeup: Eyes: Glamorize - Onyx Eyeliners, 4
                     + Elymode - Sharp & Smudged Eyeliner -lower- Teal Gift [Free on mp]

Top: Kita's Sideshow - Graphic Tank, Mortum NEW! @ The Thrift Shop
Pants: Kita's Sideshow - Jewel Skinny Jeans, Fade 6 NEW! The Thrift Shop
Shoes: TLB - Rosie Slink Flats NEW! The Thrift Shop

Ears: FootPaw Industries - Human Piercing Set, Circular Cone Bell*
Neck: Glow - Clip Necklace (Slvr)
Fingers: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - Cute Ribbon Ring, Mint NEW! @ The Gacha Mania
Nails: Mani: TLB - Tipped Bats Slink Nails NEW! The Thrift Shop
           Pedi: TLB - Gradient Tips Slink Nails NEW! The Thrift Shop
Companion: Alchemy/Birdy - Chihuahuas - Spike/Spot [8.14 Chapter Four]

Pose: Main: Verocity -Vanessa Rock, 6 in shop
      Singles: Verocity - Grace, 3 in shop

The Little Bat has also released a new outfit for the event, Pop Art comes in a number of different tank top prints that all include a hud to change the color of the top print and another for the leggings. Have I mentioned lately how much I love hud options?! hehee
She also released these too cute Wacky Slink Wedges (for Slink High) in a few different hud variations; although it was for the last round of Suicide Dollz so they should all be in shop soon (if not already)!
Hair: Truth - Jinx, in Pastels [Subscriber Gift]
Makeup: Eyes: Izzie's - Eyeliner Set, Eyeliner 2

Outfit: TLB - Pop Art Outfit, Cross NEW! The Thrift Shop
Shoes: TLB - Wacky Slink Wedges, V1 in shop

Neck: AlterEgo - TNB Necklace
Fingers: Diamante - Edge Rings - Slink Casual Hands [in shop lucky chair]
Nails: Mani: TLB - Gradient Tips Slink Nails NEW! The Thrift Shop 
          Pedi: TLB - Fall Candy Slink Nails NEW! The Thrift Shop

Pose: Main: KlubWerk.fashion & .poses - Posing Artistry {Balloon}* [1L on mp]
      Singles: Verocity -Grace, 4 in shop

 Death Rocker Bettie Crocker is also in the mix with her sexy little Switchblade Zipper Skirts in a number of colors/patterns. While her Rock-a-Wedge sandals for the Slink High Feet are on promo ONLY on the shops marketplace store.
Hair: Envious - Rogue, Reds
Makeup: Eyes: Alaskametro<3 - Matte Smoke Eyeshadow - "Surplus" [Free on mp]

Top: Bitch Tail - "Show Off" Oufit, Top
Skirt: DRBC - Switchblade Zip Skirt, Leatherette NEW! The Thrift Shop
Shoes:  DRBC - Rock-a-Wedge, Noir PROMO on mp

Neck: Reign - Hipster Necklace, 13 [7.14 Kustom9]
Shoulder: Keem - Sixboi's Mustache Bag Black - gift [Free on mp]
Nails: TLB - Gloomy Shades Slink Nails NEW! The Thrift Shop

Pose: Main: Verocity - Grace, 5 in shop
      Singles: Verocity - Grace, 2 in shop

*Item has been modified/phtoshopped and will not appear inworld as does in my image(s).
[All names, sales, links and information are correct as of the date of posting]
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One simply can't walk around in all of these lovely mesh body bits and keep them covered ALL of the time - some times a girl just needs to kick off the heels and let the fabrics fall for a bit.

Hair: Damselfly - Lucas [7.14 Hair Fair Gift]
Makeup: Eyes: Izzie's - Eyeliner Set, Smokey

Head: Cubic Cherry Kre- ations - Tangled Horns, Coal [9.14 Fantasy Room]
Neck: Cute Poison - Miseria Collar, Gold in shop
Nails: Alaskametro<3 - Slink Metallic Nails, Vamp/Gold NEW! on mp

Hair: (Red)Mint - Hair No.24'14, Reds [7.14 Hair Fair]
Makeup: Eyes: Glamorize - Tintable Smoke
           Lips: Mock - Bellini Lipshine, Lip 0

Neck: [Fetch] - Lani Necklace NEW!  The Jewelry Fair until Sept 28th!
     +: [Fetch] - Sabi Necklace NEW! The Jewelry Fair until Sept 28th!
Piercings: C2X - Nipple Piercing Set, Ring 2
Nails: Alaskametro<3 - Metallic Nails, Neutrals/Silver NEW! on mp

Pose: [SP] - Sueth Pose Gift [1L on mp]

[All names, sales, links and information correct as of the date of posting]

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I don't have to be nice, I choose to.
I don't have to care or give a damn, but I choose to.
The images we portray and the selves we carry,
it's all a choice, a self conscious manifestation of who we choose to be.
So who's the you that you choose?

Oh sweet bajeebus, I don't think I've ever felt so sexy! XD The new Obsession Zipper Dresses from Allure are haawwwt! And his new Juliet Strapped Platforms are easily my new favorite shoe, just look at them - in all of their strappy buckley heel sexiness! Rawwr!

.DirtyStories. newest group gift, the Emo Collar, is just perfect and so adorable. And I am in love love looove with the Exile gacha hair, Dancing on my Own, at this round of The Arcade as well as my Fashionably Dead Pose Cats (yes again!)! While not so much new as just made me literally LoL and is now among my new favorite things is the wall art piece, Grand Marque, from The Artist Shed, hehee too cute.
Hair: Exile - Dancing on my Own, 4. Dark Reds NEW! @ The Arcade
Makeup: Eyes: Mock - Demerara Eyeshadow, Violet in shop
                      + Langly - Eyeliner -Promo Gift, 1 [Free on mp]
                Lips: Mock - Lucir Lipcolor, Venim in shop

Dress: Allure - Obsession Zipper Dress, in Black NEW! in shop
Shoes: Allure - Juliet Strapped Platforms, in Black NEW! in shop

Neck: Dirty Stories - Emo Collar [available Group Gift] in shop
Hand: Pomposity - Cuff Me Handcuff Ring in shop
Nails: The Little Bat - Fade to Noir Slink Nails in shop

Pose: Expressive Poses - Moa, 4 [Free on mp]

Also Pictured:
The Artist Shed - The Grand Marquee in shop
Aisling - Chloe II, White* [past 1st Anniversary Gift]
Cute Poison -Home - Ortium Side Table, in Ebony in shop
Tres Blah - Cottage Du Jour Set - Charmant Settee, in Eggshell [6.14 The Arcade]
Fashionably Dead - Pose Cats - 02 Sleeping Curled* NEW! @ The Arcade

Trompe Loeil - The Chathem Loft Skybox, Light (w/ Surround)
*Item has been modified/phtoshopped and will not appear inworld as does in my image(s).
[All sales, links and information correct as of the date of posting]

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A trusted friend and companion.
Kindred spirits of the same heart.

Another round of Oneword is going right now, and this rounds word - Cats!! 
Kitties, kitties every where!! XD 
And [Fetch] is there with these super cute Meow Chairs in a few different colors. Kitty thrown? Hmmm, I think so! Hehee. Among the other shops taking part this round Kuro has 2 adorable kitty clocks, it was so hard to pick - and I think I need to go back for the other. 

And out TODAY for Lazy Sunday [Fetch] has the fun ladder Photo Holder in a number of colors - grab yours on sale while you can! And at only 1 Li, mix n' match XD

Yes again, and probably for ever more - Fashionable Dead's Pose Cats from The Arcade. Did you know each one is fur/color change on touch, including the eye color and resizable? I just love these little guys so much <3

Also out now is this too cute Brandi pose pack from Verocity, only at the OMG Room!

  Also at Oneword Buttery Toast has one of the most adorable, Sir Fluffybutt, kitty bow collars - but here's a tip, pick you're favorite color over the black or white, each collar comes with a hud to change each part between black, white and the color you purchased. I happened to buy black, lol. I so love the tiny little bell charm. Oh, and don't forget to join the group and grab your gifties - one being this cutesy Kitty Moon slink mani/pedi from [Fetch]!

Death Rocker Bettie Crocker is participating in the newest Twisted Hunt (oh yes, it's that time again!) and has hidden this very witchy yet classy Pagan Poetry Sweater and Pencil Skirt! Ohh yes, so worth the pulling out of hair that is the Twisted Hunt, muahahaa
Hair: Saltgrass - Adelaide, Reds [6.14 Thrift Shop/now mp]
Makeup: Eyes: Glamorize - Ebony Lust Eye Makeup, 2
                Lips: Mock - Ballini Lipshine, Lip 1

Outfit: DRBC - Pagan Poetry Outfit NEW! for Twisted Hunt, in shop
Shoes: ECCO - Velize 2 [SL F&O group gift] in shop

Neck: Buttery Toast - Sir Fluffybutt, in Black NEW! @ Oneword
Nails: [Fetch] - Kitty Moon NEW! Oneword [group gift]

Poses: Verocity - Brandi, 1 & 2 NEW! @ OMG Room

Also pictured:
[Fetch] - Photo Holder, SALE for Lazy Sunday [TODAY/ Sep 7th] in shop
[Fetch] - Meow Chair, in Superstition NEW! Oneword
Fashionably Dead - Pose Cats - 12 Curious, 03 Sitting Lazy NEW! @ The Arcade
[Fetch] - Derp Plushies, Cat NEW! @ Woodland Treasures 
Vespertine - Bookstore - Bookstacks [3.14 Arcade]
Arcana Antiques & Oddities - Book of Shadows, Triple Moon
Kuro - Kitty Clock NEW! Oneword

Trompe Loeil - The Chathem Loft Skybox, Light (w/ Surround)

[All sales, links and information correct as of the date of posting]

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And I wait for you.

I am so in love with the sit animations in the [Fetch] furniture pretties, and the bench of her new Skye Set is no different. Coming with with the table, mirror, "home" deco (not pictured) and mail/change deco loveliness. So cute!
I'm also feeling rather sexy in this mesh bodysuit from Dreamful Bliss Designs lovely miss Arahnia! Rawrr. And finally the super cute Pose Cats from Fashionably Dead current at The Arcade - I must have them all!! XD

And this hair from Olive... so long, so wavy and curly in just the right places.. so lovely. ♥ 
Hair: Olive - The Shiny, Streak'd, Hud 2 [8.14 Collabor88]
Makeup: Eyes: Esk-imo - Soft Black Eyeliner [free gift in shop]
                Lips: Cupcakes - Chiffon - Coral - Glitter Gloss, in Pink [past gift]

Outfit: Dreamful Bliss Designs - Bodysuit, in Black in shop
Shoes: Bens Boutique - Miley Strap Heels, in Dark Grey

Neck: Cute Poison - Heretic Collar [District 5]
Fingers: Zombie Suicide - Bee-Bon Rings [for slink casual, but mod] in shop
Nails: [Fetch] - Burst Nails NEW! [recent subscriber/group gift] find group info in shop

Poses: Verocity - Natasha, 1 & 2 in shop

Also pictured:
[Fetch] - Skye Set NEW! in shop
O.M.E.N - Dear John - Keepsake Teacup
Aisling - Bric-a-Brac Desk - Books [3.14 Arcade]
What Next - Three Wall Decals, Tree Decal [Free on mp]
[Fetch] - Lazy Pillow in shop
Scarlet Creative - Carriage Home - Day Bed with Canopy [6.14 Arcade]
Fashionably Dead - Pose Cats - 19 Cuddling Pair Rare,  08 Stretching NEW! @ The Arcade
Ane - Slon Set - Rug [6.14 The Arcade]
BananaN - Cage Decor

Spellbound - Atrium Skybox

Capo Freenote - Field Grass
Ispachi - The Arrival - Between Two Squirrels  [3.14 Arcade]
JubJubs Stuff - Pay What You Want - 5x One Prim Tree D [mod]
That - Mesh Deer, Natural

[All sales, links and information correct as of the date of posting]