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So, after all of this, this is where it ends?
I don't think so!

Hello lovelies, once we get past the stench of walking death I have lots of new pretties to share with you today! hehee. And with the month closely coming to an end so are a good deal of the events currently running. It's the event end rush!
Verocity has created a pose set based off of what happens to be one of my favorite movies for the Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair, Boomdock Saints Gacha is a set of 12 [seen here, including 1 rare] kick-ass action shot poses with each including the gun/money props needed. Oh my gosh, so many ideas!

 [Fetch] also has some lovely gacha goodies, at The Secret Affair's "End of Times" round you'll find her Suldaan Set [seen here], a post apocalyptic furniture set necessary for every bunker. And oh look - a bunker! Her Suldaan Skybox also released for the event is just 35 Li of meshy loveliness! Built like an underground shelter or basement - I'm not sure if I want to turn it into my fallout shelter or stoners basement, hehee. I love it.

[Fetch] and Cubic Cherry Kre-ations are also both sponsors of the current Level Up event! [Fetch] is there with an awesome metal framed Alyx Furniture set, each piece sold separately [chair, lounger, ottoman and crate table]  and full of PG or Adult animations and different fabric or wood textures. While Cubic Cherry Kre-ations has the adorable S1g1 Robopets, available in seven different colors with each coming with a rez and attachable companion version - so cute!

Death Rocker Bettie Crocker had released some awesomeness for the fun over at Retroville's Erotigacha but I'm simply awful with odd dates and seem to have missed the end of the event, I am so terribly sorry! I thought things ran until the 31st, however it was apparently the 21st. Things are still there though, although I'm not sure for how long -  but I'm sure they'll pop up in shop some time after the end of the month too... I hope. My apologies. 

If you haven't been yet, Biker's Choice Fair has some loveliness you may not want to miss too. The beautiful new RockStar hair [mesh with bouncy physics - it's amazing!] from Catwa being one of them! With their lovely Zoey do shown below showing up in three different gift bags in three different shops at the event - find them all for all three color hud gifts. Yaay!
Hair: Catwa - RockStar, B/Darks NEW! @ Biker's Choice Fair [ends 4.25?]
Makeup: Eyes: Alaskametro<3 - Matte Smoke, Charcoal NEW! @ Skin Fair 2015 [ends 3.29]
               Lips: Alaskametro<3 - Liquid Shine Lipgloss, Rose NEW! @ Skin Fair 2015 [ends 3.29]

Outfit: DRBC - Retro Bunny - Purrfect Rare [3.15 Retroville Erotigacha/in shop soon?]

Nails: Ama. - Slink Polish: Black Chipped [mp]

Poses: Main: Verocity - Boomdock Saints, 3 NEW! @ Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair [ends 3.31]
      Closeups: Verocity - Candice Pose Set, 6 [in shop]

Zombie Suicide has released these lovely mesh Anna Shorts down at her shop, coming with a hud for black or white shorts and an array of belt options they are just the perfect thing for the start of Spring.
Also at the Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair is Deadpool with these amazing Luck of the Irish original mesh full skeleton rings, fitting a couple different Slink Hand poses and a machine for males and females - I just want them all - in the silver! hehee. Also there you'll find Dark Passions Koffin Nails in her new Pastel Goth, with seven different adorably creepy sets to win [seen here, including 2 rares]!

Also wrapping up [on the 29th!] is Skin Fair 2015 - have you been yet?!  
Skindustrial Bodyworks has released the absolutely beautiful Eva Skin, coming in four tones that include appliers for Slink Hands and Feet and Lolas; with Slink Physique, Belleza, TMP and Omega appliers also available. Each includes brow/no brow and cleavage/no cleavage skin options, four different eyebrow color tattoo layers, an eyebrow shaper, a "shadow with liquid eyeliner" tattoo layer and the Eva shape. So pretty!
Hair: Catwa - Zoey, C/Darks NEW! Gift @ Biker's Choice Fair [ends 4.25]
Makeup: Eyes: Skindustrial Bodyworks - Eva Smoke Shadow w/ Liquid Eyeliner - Included w/ skin!
Freckles: LeNoLo - Freckled, Freckled Darker [mp]
Skin: Skindustrial Bodyworks -Eva Skin, Cinnamon NEW! @ Skin Fair 2015 [ends 3.29]

Top: Kita's Sideshow - Subliminal Tank [in shop]
Bottoms: Zombie Suicide - Anna Shorts NEW! in shop/mp
Shoes: Razor - Supra Kicks w/ Hud [in shop/mp]

Finger: Deadpool - Luck of the Irish [Female], Silver 2 NEW! @ Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair [ends 3.31]
Nails: Dark Passion - Koffin Nails: Pastel Goth - Whispering Webs NEW! @ Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair

Poses: Main: Verocity - Boomdock Saints, 6 [money prop not pictured] NEW! @ Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair
      Closeups: Verocity - Candice, 3 & 6 [in shop]

Base Game Av - Zombie Ian
Also pictured:
[Fetch] - Suldaan Gacha - Shelf, Welcome Sign, Road Sign, Bed PG NEW! @ The Secret Affair 
Grimes Central Designs - Mesh Boxes Set/Dirty [mp]
Second Spaces - Cluttered House - Pile of Board Games, By-the-Door Catch-All NEW! @ The Arcade 
[Fetch] - Lyla Bar: Beer Crates, Candle, Bottles, Ashtray [in shop/mp]
Consignment - The Open Road Collection - Cooler/Red, Lawn Chair/Yellow NEW! @ The Arcade
Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - S1g1 Robopet - Coal NEW! @ Level Up [ends 4.5]
Living Vintage Southern - Zombies Window Small [in shop]
Tres Blah - Hodgepodge - 14. Tossed Clothes NEW! @ The Arcade [ends 3.31]
AleyMart! - Ramen Cup Noodle Fez* [Free mp]
Nordari - Ruggies, Wet Soil [Free mp]
MadPea - Squeaky Clean! - Ex-boyfriend's Junk NEW! @ The Arcade [ends 3.31]

[Fetch] - Suldaan Skybox NEW! @ The Secret Affair [ends 3.30]

Wowmeh Mesh Body, Slink Hands & Feet. View full list of Everyday Bits here.
*Item has been modified either inworld or in photoshop and will not appear exactly as seen in my image(s).
[All names, sales, links and information are correct as of the date of posting]

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Oh the new loveliness to be had lovelies. Although it will take a bit of jumping around, 
I'll give you all of the lm's and the trips are sure to be well worth it. Death Rocker Bettie Crocker has released this adorable mesh Charli Outfit with 8 Texture Hud in her shop, a single piece perfectly textured skirt and button up blouse, all wrapped up with a pretty bow. 
Cubic Cherry Kre-ations is at a beautifully created new event of Japanese culture and clothing that you simply must visit, Origami. There you'll find the beautiful sets of Cherry Blossom Horns, coming in three different horn colors - each with two different flower colors.

[Fetch] is also at a new event, IDK - an event of romance, and original mesh creations. Among the pretties there is the beautifully crafted Rachel Sofa, available in PG or Adult to fit your needs.
And, do I really need to remind you about The Arcade?! Ohh, the pretties get me every time! Kitties and books (and all things Who) and adorable nature things! I just want them all! hehee.

Speaking of events, have you been to the Skin Fair 2015 just yet? As always, the participating shops have brought some amazing skins and makeups; and among them Alaskametro<3 has released the first of their V2 Skins in the first four of eight tones. The included huds and options cover just about everyone - all in one convenient package. Each tone comes with original and freckled options that also include a "clean" version, in classic av skins and appliers for Omega, Slink Visage and Physique, Hands and Feet, Loudmouth and TMP. Then too boot each skin tone also comes with  an extended pack of nail polish and a makeup pack with the same appliers. Yay!

Also at the event is their new Brows, Hairbase and Ladygarden sets - coming in Soot, Blonde and Ginger with tattoo layers of all possible combinations and appliers for TMP, Slink and Omega. You can find the Soot there as the tester, but being the full set it's really a gift! 
Right along side a couple of lovely new eye shadows and lip glosses full of appliers as well!
Hair: ( r e d ) m i n t - Hair No.33'15, Group Gift NEW! in shop [mp]
Skin: Alaskametro<3 - V2 Skin, Ivory NEW! @ Skin Fair 2015
Eyebrows: Alaskametro<3 -Brows, Hairbase & Ladygarden, Soot  NEW! Gift @ Skin Fair 2015
Makeup: Eyes: Alaskametro<3 - Smoke Show Eyeshadow, Desert Rose NEW! @ Skin Fair 2015
                Lips:Alaskametro<3 - Liquid Shine Lipgloss, Orchid NEW! NEW! @ Skin Fair 2015

Dress: DRBC - Charli Outfit w/ 8 Texture Hud, Hud 1 NEW! in shop/mp
Shoes: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - Wooden Platforms, Rose [1.14 We<3RP/in shop]

Head: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - Cherry Blossoms Horns, Coal-Pink NEW! @ Origami [ends 4.5]
Nails: Ama. - Slink Polish: Boho Lace, Pastels [in shop/mp]

Poses: Main: Sofa poses
   Close-Ups: Verocity - Mercedes, 4 [2.7 Hello Tuesday/in shop]

Also pictured:
Fetch - Rachel Sofa NEW! @ IDK [ends 4.10]
Half-Deer - Spring Eternal - Book of the Dragonfly, Tree Stump Chair (Natural),
                                                                            Bird Triplets NEW! @ The Arcade
Fashionably Dead - Pose Cats - 07 Sitting Down, 02 Sleeping Curled [9.14 Arcade]
8f8 - Single Young Sakura, Pink [4.14 Seasons Story/in shop]
Carlo's Creations - Summer/Autumn Tall Grass Field Meadow [mp]

Scarlet Creative - Hudson Townhouse 2 [2.15 Collabor88/in shop]

Hair: Elikatira - Say [past mp gift/no longer available]
*Sold Separately 
Wowmeh Mesh Body, Slink Hands & Feet. View full list of Everyday Bits here.
[All names, sales, links and information are correct as of the date of posting]

The rose she had offered was truly an enchanted rose, which would bloom until his 21st year. If he could learn to love another, and earn her love in return by the time the last petal fell, then the spell would be broken. If not, he would be doomed to remain a beast for all time. As the years passed, he fell into despair and lost all hope. For who could ever learn to love a beast?

The seventh round of Oneword is well underway, this rounds theme being Fairytales and the creators most certainly have not disappointed. You just have to see, so much prettiness.
Cubic Cherry Kre-ations is there with the gorgeous Beast's Treasure rose stands, the detail is just lovely. And they come in three different rose colors (red, pink and white) with each including three metal stand colors as well (silver, black and gold). They're just perfect. 
[Fetch] is also there with the beautiful Fairy Tree Room Divider. I always love her wood textures and she has created the most lovely tree to connect the inside of the three fold screen. It's so pretty.
So very much worth the visit.

Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - Beast's Treasure - Red/Silver NEW! @ Oneword [ends 3.15]
AleyMart  - Underwater Sunbeams with Seahorses (turned off) [Free on mp]
[Fetch] - Fairy Tree Room Divider NEW! @ Oneword [ends 3.15]

Spellbound - Atrium Skybox [shop is currently moving, will update asap]

[All names, sales, links and information are correct as of the date of posting]
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Well, Hello Sweetie.

Ohh sweet bajeebus! MargeKinson, owner/creator of The Artist Shed, is sure speaking right to this Whovian fangirls heart with her latest release! The new Whovian Slumber Bed (with 3 adorable single poses) has all of the bits of the Tardis in comfy bed form, with the knitted and fabric pillows holding remnants of the Doctors himself - it's a perfect piece for any and every Who fan. And to make matters only sweeter, the Big Blue Box Sign comes with as a set. Ohh yeaaah!

And my lovely fellow Whovians, The Artist Shed is also in a hunt this month, but not just any hunt - The Who's Who Hunt. A Doctor Who inspired and driven L$1 hunt to be exact, brought to us by :Madly: Untamed Hunts. So very excited!
I am so in love with this hoodie from Bitch Tail, not only is it super comfy! But with the hud it covers a good chunk of my television fandoms. hehee [Take a peek here]
And just as lovely and on my list of favorite things are these necklaces from Wimey, now it is from the the Leaf on the Wind event that was held in January, so I'm hoping she may bring the gacha to her shop because they're just lovely!
Hair: Exile - Windsong, Naturals [1.15 Collabor88]
    + Ploom - Mystic V2 - Reds, Hairbase 3 [11.14 Fantasy Gacha, in shop]
Makeup: Eyes: .BBB. - Eyeliner {Almost Free} [L$1 mp]
                Lips: Insitu - Gift Make-up Lips, Pink [No longer available, my apologies]

Top: Bitch Tail - Marathon Hoodie [in shop/mp]
Undies: Forever Young - Tied Panties, Plain Pack [in shop/mp]
Feet: Sweet Tea Couture - Chunky Thigh Socks [in shop/mp]

Neck: Wimey - Fandom Invasion - A Good Story/Gold [1.15 Leaf on the Wind]
Nails: The Little Bat - Fall Candy Slink Nails [9.14 Thrift Shop, in shop/mp]

Also pictured:
[Fetch] - Kuu Gacha - Space Junk Table, Fly Art, Harvest Art, Flare Dresser (Rare),
                                         Lunar Globe, Satellite Lamp [11.14 Secret Affair, in shop]
Sari-Sari - Whovian Tea Time (Tea Time Cookies, Tardis Mug, River's Diary) [in shop/mp]
The Artist Shed - Whovian Slumber Bed + Big Blue Box Sign NEW! in shop
AHO Technologies - Tardis Pet* [L$2 mp]
Aisling - Bric-a-Brac Desk - Books [3.14 Arcade, in shop]
Mish Mish - Pugs Love TV - Dr. Pug NEW! @ The Arcade
Wimey - Sonically Screwed Screwdriver [in shop/mp]
Attic - I Wish Shelf, Blue [1.15 Oneword, in shop soon?]
Wimey - Fanly Totes - Spoilers [7.14 OMGacha]
!Ohmai - Teacup Piglet Gacha - Piggy Who [6.13 Arcade, in shop]
Plethora - Geeky Format - My Other House (Rare) [in shop]
Cheeky Pea - Mikel Chair, Sky [10.14 Eloquence Blog Launch Gift]
Wimey - A Madman's Wisdom Wall Art, Not Important [in shop/mp]

RageWorks - Classic Manor - White Rare [12.14 Arcade]

Wowmeh Mesh Body, Slink Hands & Feet. View full list of Everyday Bits here.
*Item has been modified either inworld or in photoshop and will not appear exactly as seen in my image(s).
[All names, sales, links and information are correct as of the date of posting]