The Beginning of a Lovely Adventure

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For years photography within SL has been a creative outlet for me, the nearly unlimited possibilities in the pixel world around us is truly amazing in that way. We're only limited by our imaginations - well, those of the wonderfully talented builders/creators, but they never cease to amaze - and mine often tends to run wild, giving way to photos I could only dream of in RL.

Now, I have my older photo collections packed away, others collect dust in folders on this hard drive while a few here and there have found there way to my facebook, or an old photobucket account (with entirely too many never reaching the editing stage). But all of that is simply just not good enough. It just wont do.

While I surely don't anticipate reaching some large number of those of you who do enjoy a photo blog or two, it would just be nice to share something I love to do with any number of you. ᕙ(⁰ᴥ⁰)ᕗ

And so here we are, on a blog I'll probably change the design of a couple dozen of times before my OCD creative brain decides it'll do.
I plan to post and share as often as possible but at the least once a week, with my random rambles sharing bits from my most loved shops, wondrous and beautiful places and showcasing some of my favorite fashion finds - gachas, hunts, events, freebies and gifts included!

So please, come back again soon and often to find what sorts of random rambles this feline has come up with next.


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