No.37 : A Girl's Gotta Eat

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Anyone who can say "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"
most obviously hasn't eaten anything yummy in some time.
Stop this body shaming, body hating nonsense -
Love who you are! Eat what you love! 
Just take care of yourself, and be yourself.

Okay, my story line took a bit of a turn this post, but it's something very near and dear to me, something I'm passionate about - Body Positivity! We only get one body in this life and one life to live in it - we should spend that time enjoying it and being happy! Not worrying about every little thing and stressing ourselves and others nor putting each other down when we should be lifting each other up! 
Now, As always the lovely Dizzy of Death Rocker Bettie Crocker does not disappoint and has lovelies to be found all over the grid. From your top to your tosh and down to your feets, tons of new DRBC to be had!

With District 5 ending soon [this Sunday, Aug. 31st] I recommend stopping there first! And among the goodies you can find DRBC's Veronica Bralette & Capri in a few different lovely prints.
While M-Nus has their Zipped Heels in a few flavor packs too, of course - a girl can't resist black shoes! And the oh so lovely Miss Sae of Cute Poison has put out a pretty new group gift, the Starlust Piercing, which comes with even more than pictured and a color hud! Yay!! You know my love for color/texture huds! XD She's also some new Slink polish to feed your need for all things glitter in a matte french tip.
Hair: Magika - Cinta, Brown Pack [get while you can - retiring! lm]
Lashes: BC Designs - Freebie Mesh Eyelashes [L$1 on mp] x2
Eyes: FATE - FATEeyes [mp]
Body: Wowmeh - Mesh Body, Silhouette, InSize
Hands & Feet: Slink - AvEnhance Female [Hands, mp - Feet, mp] 
Skin: Soul - Skin Bobo 2 +, in Bronze [mp]
        + LeNoLo - Freckled, Freckled Darker [mp]
Makeup: Eyes: Zombie Suicide - Bodify Shadow, in Black in shop
               Lips: Glamorize - Darling Makeup Kit, Lips 1

Outfit: DRBC - Veronica Bralette & Capri, in B-Movie NEW! @ District 5 [closes Sun. Aug. 31st]
Shoes: M-Nus - Zipped Heels, Solid Pack in Black/Silver on mp

Facial Piercing: Cute Poison - Starlust Piercing, Septum - NEW! Group Gift in shop
Mouth: Virtual/Insanity - Lucky Stroke Ciggies (Dark), in Smoked - Tar
Neck: Cute Poison - Tagged Necklace, Wicked in shop gacha
Finger: Pomposity - Dual Monster Cross Ring (Black) NEW! Exclusive @ Gacha Garden
                                                                                                                         [closes Sun. Aug. 31st]
Nails: Mani: Cute Poison - Glitter Nails Matte Tips NEW! in shop
             Pedi: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails, Sinister in shop

Also at District 5 from DRBC are these too cute Kyary Dresses in a couple fun prints for that perfect mix of creepy cute! While this round of Suicide Dollz is bringing their usual yummy variety of sale goodness and DRBC has released some super sexy Lydia Shoes for the Slink high feet that you will want in every print! And of course for all things tentacley I turn to Zombie Suicide for her octo pretties.
Hair: Spellbound - Lux, in Reds in shop
Lashes: BC Designs - Freebie Mesh Eyelashes [L$1 on mp] x2
Eyes: FATE - FATEeyes [mp]
Body: Wowmeh - Mesh Body, Silhouette, InSize
Hands & Feet: Slink - AvEnhance Female [Hands, mp - Feet, mp]
Skin: Soul - Skin Annle 1 - Natural +, in Praline [mp]
Makeup: Eyes: Glamorize - Innocent Eye Makeup, 06
               Lips: Mystic Canvass - Pouty Matte Lips -  Pink, Bright Pink [past hunt gift]

Dress: DRBC - Kyary Dress, in Acid Trip NEW! @ District 5 [closes Sun. Aug. 31st]
Shoes: DRBC - Lydia Shoes, in Crosses NEW! @ Suicide Dollz [in week 2 of current round]

Ears: Zombie Suicide - Tentacle Earrings V3 in shop
Neck: Zombie Suicide - Octo Necklace, Black in shop
Finger: Zombie Suicide - Tentacle Wrapped Ring in shop
Nails: [Fetch] - Rainbow Nails [random Aug. group gift/in notices]

Last but most certainly not least, and also found at District 5 is DRBC's Dollie Pop Corsets that I just love love loooove! Combine them with her Hellion Skirts available now at Suicide Dollz and I'm ready to finish these fries and hit the club! hehee XD
While you're at Suicide Dollz I promise you want to find The Little Bat's lovely booth for her new and oh so hot Stunner Slink Stilettos for Slink high feet in a number of colors with a metal texture hud for the chain that even includes an invisible option. And in a cheetah print? I'm in love!
One last stop at the newest round of The Fantasy Collective where Cubic Cherry Kre-ations has released their Laveau Necklace with the prettiest little beads, you just gotta go see.
Hair: LCKY - Rhiannon, Neutral Pack [mod/tinted]
Ears: Hocico - Neko Ear Piercings Black [mod][no longer available]
Lashes: BC Designs - Freebie Mesh Eyelashes [L$1 on mp] x3
Eyes: FATE - FATEeyes [mp]
Whiskers: Sopherian - Schatje Whiskers [mod -tinted][mp]
Body: Wowmeh - Mesh Body, Silhouette, InSize
Tail: {Lemon Tea} - Neko Tail, Black [mod -retextured]
Hands & Feet: Slink - AvEnhance Female [Hands, mp - Feet, mp]
Skin: (Red)Mint - Skin No.14, Ivy, Freckles [+ appliers][in shop]
Makeup: Eyes: Glamorize - Color Twist Eye Makeup, 3
               Lips: Glamorize - My Valentine Makeup, Lips 3 [L$1 on mp]

Top: DRBC - Dollie Pop Corset, in Creature Feature NEW! @ District 5 [closes Sun. Aug. 31st]
  + Dreamful Bliss Designs -Black Pasties [Wowmeh Applier] NEW! [coming soon] in shop
Skirt: DRBC - Hellion Skirt, in Crimson NEW! @ Suicide Dollz [in week 2 of current round]
Shoes: TLB - Stunner Slink Stilettos, in Green NEW! @ Suicide Dollz [in week 2 of current round]

Facial Piercing: Cute Poison - Crave Piercing [mod] in shop
Neck: C. C. Kre-ations - Laveau Necklace NEW! @ The Fantasy Collective
Finger: Zombie Suicide - Witchery Set, Pentacle Ring in shop
Nails: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails, Sinister in shop

Pose: Glitterati - Hips, 8 [past group gift]

Also pictured:
[Fetch] - Neon Pizza Sign NEW! @ Olive You Fundraiser [closes Sun. Aug. 31st]
Ispachi - Love to Decorate Group Gift (Burger Meal) [past LTD group gift]

*A small but important note about the above mentioned Olive You Fundraiser*
Of which I highly encourage everyone to stop by as soon as possible and buy up all of the pretties you can afford to in an effort to help such a lovely person. 

 Unfortunately Rose, owner of .Olive. got some troubling news not all that long ago, 
finding out that her house could go into foreclosure. 
The family is fighting it in court, but the stresses and costs wont be easily handled. And as such some wonderful designer friends of her came together in an effort to do what they can to help, 
and the Olive You Fundraiser was born. 

Running from August 16th - 31st
All new items!
100% of the proceeds will be donated to Rose and her family. 

Please, let's help keep one of our favorite hair designers in her rl home and in our sl lives!


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