No.64 : The Doctors Biggest Fan

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Well, Hello Sweetie.

Ohh sweet bajeebus! MargeKinson, owner/creator of The Artist Shed, is sure speaking right to this Whovian fangirls heart with her latest release! The new Whovian Slumber Bed (with 3 adorable single poses) has all of the bits of the Tardis in comfy bed form, with the knitted and fabric pillows holding remnants of the Doctors himself - it's a perfect piece for any and every Who fan. And to make matters only sweeter, the Big Blue Box Sign comes with as a set. Ohh yeaaah!

And my lovely fellow Whovians, The Artist Shed is also in a hunt this month, but not just any hunt - The Who's Who Hunt. A Doctor Who inspired and driven L$1 hunt to be exact, brought to us by :Madly: Untamed Hunts. So very excited!

I am so in love with this hoodie from Bitch Tail, not only is it super comfy! But with the hud it covers a good chunk of my television fandoms. hehee [Take a peek here]
And just as lovely and on my list of favorite things are these necklaces from Wimey, now it is from the the Leaf on the Wind event that was held in January, so I'm hoping she may bring the gacha to her shop because they're just lovely!
Hair: Exile - Windsong, Naturals [1.15 Collabor88]
    + Ploom - Mystic V2 - Reds, Hairbase 3 [11.14 Fantasy Gacha, in shop]
Ears: Hocico - Neko Ear Piercings Black [mod][no longer available]
Lashes: BC Designs - Freebie Mesh Eyelashes [L$1 on mp] x3
Eyes: FATE - FATEeyes [mp]
Body: Wowmeh - Mesh Body, Silhouette v1, InSize
Hands & Feet: Slink - AvEnhance Female [Hands, mp - Feet, mp]
Skin: (Red)Mint - Skin No.14, Ivy, Freckles [+ appliers][in shop]
Makeup: Eyes: .BBB. - Eyeliner {Almost Free} [L$1 mp]
                Lips: Insitu - Gift Make-up Lips, Pink [No longer available, my apologies]

Top: Bitch Tail - Marathon Hoodie [in shop/mp]
Undies: Forever Young - Tied Panties, Plain Pack [in shop/mp]
Feet: Sweet Tea Couture - Chunky Thigh Socks [in shop/mp]

Neck: Wimey - Fandom Invasion - A Good Story/Gold [1.15 Leaf on the Wind]
Nails: The Little Bat - Fall Candy Slink Nails [9.14 Thrift Shop, in shop/mp]

Also pictured:
[Fetch] - Kuu Gacha - Space Junk Table, Fly Art, Harvest Art, Flare Dresser (Rare),
                                         Lunar Globe, Satellite Lamp [11.14 Secret Affair, in shop]
Sari-Sari - Whovian Tea Time (Tea Time Cookies, Tardis Mug, River's Diary) [in shop/mp]
The Artist Shed - Whovian Slumber Bed + Big Blue Box Sign NEW! in shop
AHO Technologies - Tardis Pet* [L$2 mp]
Aisling - Bric-a-Brac Desk - Books [3.14 Arcade, in shop]
Mish Mish - Pugs Love TV - Dr. Pug NEW! @ The Arcade
Wimey - Sonically Screwed Screwdriver [in shop/mp]
Attic - I Wish Shelf, Blue [1.15 Oneword, in shop soon?]
Wimey - Fanly Totes - Spoilers [7.14 OMGacha]
!Ohmai - Teacup Piglet Gacha - Piggy Who [6.13 Arcade, in shop]
Plethora - Geeky Format - My Other House (Rare) [in shop]
Cheeky Pea - Mikel Chair, Sky [10.14 Eloquence Blog Launch Gift]
Wimey - A Madman's Wisdom Wall Art, Not Important [in shop/mp]

RageWorks - Classic Manor - White Rare [12.14 Arcade]

*Item has been modified either inworld or in photoshop and will not appear exactly as seen in my image(s).

All names, sales, links and information are correct as of the date of posting.


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