Hello there you wonderful lovelies! Boy has it been one hell of a month - thank goodness it isn't over just yet! And neither are the events where you can find of the amazing pretties I have to share with you today.

Alchemist has released an amazingly detailed and beautiful Dwarf's Chandler set for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, I'm going to link you to the gacha key here as well as this post simply does not do the set justice. I wish I had more time to do the separate special post I had in mind, but I just had to make sure I shared this beautiful potions and wand set with you in time for you to get yours too!

While [Fetch] has created two new gorgeous builds for the Home Show event, the Artists Bungalow pictured here is just perfect for the warm weather, the beach... or bring in a wood stove to heat those chilly evenings. It makes the perfect cuddle spot. And then for something more private she also created the Artists Studio Skybox, pictured here, with 2 rooms in matching white washed wood tones it makes the perfect getaway.

Although the .PENUMBRA. Spring/Summer event where you can find the super sexy new Perla undies set from [Glitzz] does end today, May 23rd! And you don't want to miss grabbing this sheer number in Black, White or Red - she supplies us with so many appliers I'm going to link you to the full list here, which I'm pretty sure covers literally every 'body'. It's so wonderful. Hurry!

And Zombie Suicide has released the beautiful Dark Collar for the The Dark Style Fair, coming with one of her lovely color huds, I am just in love - look at the side clasps! So pretty.

Hair: Little Bones - Meander, Red (Hud 5) [in shop]
Makeup: Eyes: Veechi - Avril Liners, 1 Gift @ The Dark Style Fair [ends 5.31]
                Lips: Alaskametro<3 - Light Lipgloss, Pale [mp]

Outfit: [Glitzz] - Perla, Black NEW! @ .PENUMBRA. SS15 [ends 5.23!]
Shoes: [Glitzz] - Loretta Shoes, Black/V2 Exclusive! @ Black Dot [ends 5.30]

Neck: Zombie Suicide - Dark Collar NEW! @ The Dark Style Fair [ends 5.31]
Hand: [ NikotiN ] - Pencile Vape - White [12.14 Chapter Four]
Nails: Ama. - Slink plish: Boho Lace, Darks [in shop/mp]

Poses: Main: Verocity - Calixia Pose Set, 2 [just ending Suicide Dollz, I'm sorry, in shop/mp soon]
           Secondary:  In chase
           Closeups:  Verocity - Calixia Pose Set, 3 [just ending Suicide Dollz, I'm sorry, in shop/mp soon]

Also pictured:
Little Branch - LB_Banana_Potted [3.15 Gift @ Shiny Shabby]
Apple Fall - Lemon Gifts, Lemonade Bucket NEW! GG in shop
Alchemist - Dwarf's Chandler Gacha - Flower Lamp V1, White NEW! @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
                                                                       Flask and Spirit Lamp, White               [ends 6.5]
Zaara [home] - Jodhpur Blue - 14. Pile of Books [3.15 Arcade]
Omega Designz - Coffee Table 100% Mesh* [L$3 mp]
Erratic - Cozy Winter Evening - Chase Rare [12.14 Arcade]
[ free bird ] - Mosiac Stepping Stone Gacha - Teal Butterfly, Teal Poppies [in shop]

[Fetch] - Artists Bungalow NEW! @ Home Show [ends 5.31]

Wowmeh Mesh Body, Slink Hands & Feet. View full list of Everyday Bits here.
 *Item has been modified either inworld or in photoshop and will not appear exactly as seen in my image(s). 
[All names, sales, links and information are correct as of the date of posting.]
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Hello lovelies! So very sorry I didn't share anything last week, and even more so that I missed the Genre event, and sharing the lovely newness there from Death Rocker Bettie Crocker.
Along with apparently writing down the wrong end date *facepalm*, I've been dealing with a bout of depression as of late that's put me rather off of my game. Making me either want nothing but sleep or not able to sleep at all and completely spacey, while often stifling my creativity and killing my motivation. It's not a side I'm proud of nor one I really like to discuss, but it is something I struggle with that may unfortunately effect things here from time to time no matter how hard I try to keep it from doing so... and for that I'm so terribly sorry.

I will do my best to bring you some of my new favorite pretties on a regular and timely weekly schedule as per usual, just please bare with me during these occasional moments of unclarity and rest assured they will never last for long. ♥

Now, to some lovely new Verocity poses, on sale no less over at the Thrift Shop for starters!

Hair: Catwa - Rosy, Hud A [in shop/mp]
Makeup: Eyes: Arise - Cat Eyeshadow, Brown [in shop]
                Lips: Ricielli - Lipstick 11, 04 [past hunt gift]

Dress: DRBC - Curveball Dress, Hud1 [5.15 Genre/in shop/mp]
Shoes: Reign - Karizma Pumps [past flf/no longer available]

Neck: Nylon Outfitters - Lucky Cat Charm Necklaces - Horseshoe [3.15 Arcade/in shop]
Fingers: Schadenfreude - Wee Beasties Rings - Cat [3.15 Arcade/in shop]
Nails: Alaskametro<3 - Slink + Omega Manicure/Pedicure - Metalic Pack: Vamp/Silver [mp]

Pose: Main: Verocity - Kelly Pose Set, 3 NEW! @ Thrift Shop
       Closeups:  Verocity - Kelly Pose Set, 1 NEW! @ Thrift Shop

Hair: Little Bones - Reign/Valentines [2.15 GG/available]
Makeup: Full Face: MUA - Makeup Set - 50s [L$1 mp]

Dress: DRBC - Grace Dress, Rockabettie [5.15 Genre/in shop/mp]
Shoes: S H E Y - Summer Begins, Eda Stilettos Promo! in shop

Jewelry Set: Tiny Etzel - Delicate Chain & Pearl Jewellery Set* [mp]
    + Neck: ECCO - SL F&O Initial Necklaces, M [past 10k Member GG]
Nails: Blissiere - Manis & Pedis Appliers, Dots No.01 - 09 [in shop]

Poses: Main:  Verocity - Myst Pose Set, 4 [in shop/mp]
     Closeups: Verocity - Myst Pose Set, 1 [in shop/mp]

I just have to mention how in love with the THOR Italian Glory table I am. It's just lovely for any diner or retro style kitchen - the details make it just perfect, not to mention the resizer script, 11 different body colors, 12 base colors, 3 glass surface options and lights on/off all by touch on different areas. Oh, I just love it! The Jukebox too, the details are everything and not a thing is missing - even filled with 28 preset songs (like the real deal) with options for classic, shuffle and repeat play with lights on/off on touch too. With owner controls too, of course.

Also pictured:
THOR - Italian Glory [in shop/mp]
P's Free Scripts - Ashtray Online Indicator* [L$0 mp]
The Mint Condition - CompliMints Martini, Pina Colada and Strawberry Lime [Gift in shop]
Linus Humphreys - *Free* Urban Steampunk Build [L$0 mp]
D0R - Urban Shops, Velma's Restaurant/Liquor Store [no longer available]
KCP - Hole in the Wall V3* [L$0 mp]
THOR - Second City Brother Sign [in shop/mp]
THOR - Real Jukebox V7.0 [in shop/mp]

Wowmeh Mesh Body, Slink Hands & Feet. View full list of Everyday Bits here.
 *Item has been modified either inworld or in photoshop and will not appear exactly as seen in my image(s). 
[All names, sales, links and information are correct as of the date of posting.]