• Bag of Tricks

What I use being on a budget: 

For Poses:
YT Recreant - Animare Pose & Animations System Version 2.05 [mp]
Helps to tweak poses to exactly as needed or to pull the occasional hand out of a bum. Also to create my own poses when what's in mind isn't available/affordable.

Animazoo Animations - Free Poseballs [mp]
Because sometimes you just need those single poses in a ball to better position yourself and/or others exactly as you want for your image.
*Special Note* While scripted to allow for easy drag & drop & use, the position is off and out of whack. I recommend following these few simple steps to avoid the hassle in the future: 
Rezz the pose balls, right click and edit, go under the "Content" tab and double click to open the "PoseBall script".
  Scroll down the script and find line 46 "vector g_SitOffset", change the number values there too (copy from here/paste there) <0.2, 0.09, -0.4>. Remember to save and then close the script.
  Then drop in any standing pose so you can click to edit and sit on the pose ball while in edit to reposition with Rotate and Move.
  Get back up, and while still in edit and under the "Content" tab of the pose ball right click "delete" just your pose from the ball before "taking" it back into your inventory [You may delete the originals to free space and save confusion if you wish, but always keep the original packed box of items just in case too].
This one time setup will help you avoid dealing with this every time you use them.
[This position will put the pose ball at about your back (depending on your av's size/shape of course) allowing for easy clicking under edit mode for repositioning while in use.]

For Photos:
[Eve n Better] - Camera Assistant Hud [mp]
To lock your camera in the exact position you want it in and still being able to move your av around or changing into and moving a whole new person/look before repeating the same shot. 
*Special Note* Be sure when selecting the position of your camera you click in the background or on an item that will NOT be moving. If you center your camera on your/a avatar the camera will jump out of position when that av moves. 

For Lighting:
 While I DO NOT advocate the wearing of those awful old face lights that were once needed, long before our sky settings and other options made them more of annoyance than an aid, they actually come in handy as outside sources of light for photography when you want the ambiance of a darker sky setting but need a bit more light on your subject(s). Or when you just want more control over where your light source is coming from.

You can search and grab one from marketplace, although if you're more than a couple of years old chances are high that you can just search your inventory and find one that was packed with something. As long as it has copy/mod permissions, it's usable here. 
 Or you can make one, there's no special script needed or anything like that. Simply create/rez a new box, I add a pretty glass texture to mine but nothing under the "Texture" tab makes a difference to what we're using it for. 

We'll be working under the "Features" tab to create our light source. 
  Making our light is as simple as checking the box next to "Light".
  The color picker box here is where we'll change the color of the light to fit our photographic/atmospheric needs. You want a firey red or gentle candle yellow/orange, an eerie green or soft florescent yellow - that's all done here.
  Intensity = Brightness. Do you want spot light or soft lamp? Higher # = Brighter.
  Radius = Distance/Reach. Do you want a bright ceiling lamp for the whole room or a small candle in a corner?
    Higher # = Farther distance before fade away.
Falloff = Fade Away. Do you want a subtle blend at the end of the light or an abrupt stop? Lower # = More Subtle Fade Away.
    [Find more on this on the sl wiki pages here and here.]



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