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The amazing talent and creativity of SL designers and builders never ceases to awe, amaze and inspire me; which is why myself nor my blog has any one style, but rather a great many depending on the particular inspiration I get from moment to moment.

Should you like my work and what you see here and would like me to photograph and blog one/some of your items I would be more than happy to do so. Please simply send me a message on facebook, secondbook, flickr, or by nc inworld [name: Sha Riggles. No Resident] including the following:

   Your shop name
   Flickr (if available/possible)
   What sort of item(s) you would like me to blog (clothing/accessories/hair/furniture/deco/etc)
   What your expectations/requirements are. (If it's for an event, when it starts/ends. How quickly you'd like things posted, etc.)

With my rl schedule and photography/blogging style I tend to work on things throughout the week and post over the weekend, once a week, sometimes twice. (Although with my current health this can change and get pushed back into the next week.) And of course my sponsors have first considerations. So I ask that you include the above information so that I may insure that I'm both available and free to meet your needs and deadline.

However, if item(s) are sent without previous contact I cannot insure their use in the following or any post thereafter, and I reserve the right to use said item(s) as filler in future posts giving full credits as usual.

You can find my list of current syndications listed and linked in the side panel, all posts are also shared among all of my social mediums: Flickr, Facebook (including many groups), Tumblr, Google+ and Secondbook. You may also find a full list of the body attachments and bits that I own and use here

I would be thrilled to work with your lovely creations and get to create some of my next photos with them in mind. I hope to hear from you soon, and look forward to it. Thank you for your consideration.

As always, with the best of wishes
 ~ Sha Riggles 


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