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Anyone who can say "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"
most obviously hasn't eaten anything yummy in some time.
Stop this body shaming, body hating nonsense -
Love who you are! Eat what you love! 
Just take care of yourself, and be yourself.

Okay, my story line took a bit of a turn this post, but it's something very near and dear to me, something I'm passionate about - Body Positivity! We only get one body in this life and one life to live in it - we should spend that time enjoying it and being happy! Not worrying about every little thing and stressing ourselves and others nor putting each other down when we should be lifting each other up! 
Now, As always the lovely Dizzy of Death Rocker Bettie Crocker does not disappoint and has lovelies to be found all over the grid. From your top to your tosh and down to your feets, tons of new DRBC to be had!

With District 5 ending soon [this Sunday, Aug. 31st] I recommend stopping there first! And among the goodies you can find DRBC's Veronica Bralette & Capri in a few different lovely prints.
While M-Nus has their Zipped Heels in a few flavor packs too, of course - a girl can't resist black shoes! And the oh so lovely Miss Sae of Cute Poison has put out a pretty new group gift, the Starlust Piercing, which comes with even more than pictured and a color hud! Yay!! You know my love for color/texture huds! XD She's also some new Slink polish to feed your need for all things glitter in a matte french tip.
Hair: Magika - Cinta, Brown Pack [get while you can - retiring! lm]
Makeup: Eyes: Zombie Suicide - Bodify Shadow, in Black in shop
               Lips: Glamorize - Darling Makeup Kit, Lips 1

Outfit: DRBC - Veronica Bralette & Capri, in B-Movie NEW! @ District 5 [closes Sun. Aug. 31st]
Shoes: M-Nus - Zipped Heels, Solid Pack in Black/Silver on mp

Facial Piercing: Cute Poison - Starlust Piercing, Septum - NEW! Group Gift in shop
Mouth: Virtual/Insanity - Lucky Stroke Ciggies (Dark), in Smoked - Tar
Neck: Cute Poison - Tagged Necklace, Wicked in shop gacha
Finger: Pomposity - Dual Monster Cross Ring (Black) NEW! Exclusive @ Gacha Garden
                                                                                                                         [closes Sun. Aug. 31st]
Nails: Mani: Cute Poison - Glitter Nails Matte Tips NEW! in shop
           Pedi: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails, Sinister in shop

Also at District 5 from DRBC are these too cute Kyary Dresses in a couple fun prints for that perfect mix of creepy cute! While this round of Suicide Dollz is bringing their usual yummy variety of sale goodness and DRBC has released some super sexy Lydia Shoes for the Slink high feet that you will want in every print! And of course for all things tentacley I turn to Zombie Suicide for her octo pretties.
Hair: Spellbound - Lux, in Reds in shop
Makeup: Eyes: Glamorize - Innocent Eye Makeup, 06
               Lips: Mystic Canvass - Pouty Matte Lips -  Pink, Bright Pink [past hunt gift]

Dress: DRBC - Kyary Dress, in Acid Trip NEW! @ District 5 [closes Sun. Aug. 31st]
Shoes: DRBC - Lydia Shoes, in Crosses NEW! @ Suicide Dollz [in week 2 of current round]

Ears: Zombie Suicide - Tentacle Earrings V3 in shop
Neck: Zombie Suicide - Octo Necklace, Black in shop
Finger: Zombie Suicide - Tentacle Wrapped Ring in shop
Nails: [Fetch] - Rainbow Nails [random Aug. group gift/in notices]

Last but most certainly not least, and also found at District 5 is DRBC's Dollie Pop Corsets that I just love love loooove! Combine them with her Hellion Skirts available now at Suicide Dollz and I'm ready to finish these fries and hit the club! hehee XD
While you're at Suicide Dollz I promise you want to find The Little Bat's lovely booth for her new and oh so hot Stunner Slink Stilettos for Slink high feet in a number of colors with a metal texture hud for the chain that even includes an invisible option. And in a cheetah print? I'm in love!
One last stop at the newest round of The Fantasy Collective where Cubic Cherry Kre-ations has released their Laveau Necklace with the prettiest little beads, you just gotta go see.
Hair: LCKY - Rhiannon, Neutral Pack [mod/tinted]
Makeup: Eyes: Glamorize - Color Twist Eye Makeup, 3
               Lips: Glamorize - My Valentine Makeup, Lips 3 [L$1 on mp]

Top: DRBC - Dollie Pop Corset, in Creature Feature NEW! @ District 5 [closes Sun. Aug. 31st]
  + Dreamful Bliss Designs -Black Pasties [Wowmeh Applier] NEW! [coming soon] in shop
Skirt: DRBC - Hellion Skirt, in Crimson NEW! @ Suicide Dollz [in week 2 of current round]
Shoes: TLB - Stunner Slink Stilettos, in Green NEW! @ Suicide Dollz [in week 2 of current round]

Facial Piercing: Cute Poison - Crave Piercing [mod] in shop
Neck: C. C. Kre-ations - Laveau Necklace NEW! @ The Fantasy Collective
Finger: Zombie Suicide - Witchery Set, Pentacle Ring in shop
Nails: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails, Sinister in shop

Pose: Glitterati - Hips, 8 [past group gift]

Also pictured:
[Fetch] - Neon Pizza Sign NEW! @ Olive You Fundraiser [closes Sun. Aug. 31st]
Ispachi - Love to Decorate Group Gift (Burger Meal) [past LTD group gift]

*A small but important note about the above mentioned Olive You Fundraiser*
Of which I highly encourage everyone to stop by as soon as possible and buy up all of the pretties you can afford to in an effort to help such a lovely person. 

 Unfortunately Rose, owner of .Olive. got some troubling news not all that long ago, 
finding out that her house could go into foreclosure. 
The family is fighting it in court, but the stresses and costs wont be easily handled. And as such some wonderful designer friends of her came together in an effort to do what they can to help, 
and the Olive You Fundraiser was born. 

Running from August 16th - 31st
All new items!
100% of the proceeds will be donated to Rose and her family. 

Please, let's help keep one of our favorite hair designers in her rl home and in our sl lives!

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There's nothing like a quiet lazy day. 
A day to relax and enjoy the weather.
A day to read, to write.. or to do nothing at all.

The lovely Gretchen of [Fetch] has a couple new releases down at her adorable shop, with the August Set made up of a detailed wooden chair (that got way to cut off in my image and can be seen in all it's prettiness here) with almost 2 pages of lovely sits and a side table that comes with and without a cute wooden horse decoration. The Tiffany Set, with a super comfy arm chair, mirrored dresser (not pictured, but seen here) and a lovely wrinkled rug. And then one of my new favorite things, the Lazy Pillow, with texture change - Kitty! Oh yeah. - and full of even more adorable animations! AND, only 1 Li. w/ shadow.

Also, with love and care The Plastik released a free gift inworld in honor of Robin Williams after his passing, the Robin Remembrance Gift contains a mesh tank/tee (one for men & women) and the lovely texture pictured above all with this quote from Mr. Williams, R.I.P. It's lovely, thank you for that.
 While the lovely Miss Rachel of KalRaye's Confections has released the most comfortable Long Tank Tops you will ever own in her shop, and I fangirl squealed when I seen the prints on them! A couple Doctor Who, some Harry Potter, the Rebel Alliance and a handful of others I'll let you check out for yourself - there's certainly one for everyone I think. Oh, and they fit with her new Mesh Hud Leggings perfectly! \o/
And [Abrasive] has the cutest, and also super comfy, Tubey Socks with an "all in one hud" with loads of appliers (including the since retired Wowmeh, which I'm still not over *sniffles*) and comes in an assortment of colors, I need to go back for a couple more myself. hehee
And if you haven't been to the Black Fashion Fair since my last post, what are you waiting for? The Little Bat has another oh so pretty Slink mani/pedi set of lovely colors, Glitter Stripe Slinks Nails, among her pretties available there.  
Hair: Mina - Nanda, Dark Reds [3.14 We <3 RP]
     + Truth - Hairbase, Sangria
Makeup: Eyes: Langly - Eyeliner - Promo Gift, #1 [Free on mp]
                Lips: Changing Faces - Lipgloss V2 Makeup, Normal Shine

Top: KalRaye's Confections - Long Tank Tops, in Bad Wolf NEW! in shop
Socks: Abrasive - Tubey Socks, in Mono in shop

Plugs: Zombie Suicide - Leopard Plugs Add-on [mod] [in shop]
Facial Piercings: Hebenon Vial - Liquid Silver [mod]
Neck: Frogstar - Bluebeard's Key Necklace NEW! for Enchantment, in shop
Hand: Noodles - Exterminate Tumbler, Teal [1.14 OMGacha]
Nails: The Little Bat - Glitter Stripe Slinks Nails NEW! @ Black Fashion Fair
Companion: Alchemy/Birdy - Chihuahuas, Spike Spot NEW! @ The Chapter Four [August]

Pose: Image 1: Seat animation
Image 2/Closeups: Elephante Poses - Here I Come, #2 [12.13 Frost Gift]

Also pictured, from left to right as best as possible:
[Fetch] - Tiffany Set [Chair, Rug & not pictured Dresser] NEW! in shop
Wimey - Fanly Tote - Blue Box [7.14 OMGacha]
Floorplan - Sleepover Tent gacha - Mint [6.13 Arcade]
Shop Seu - 1 Prim Anim Cat - Siam - Grooming
Geek - Teddy Geekberg & Friends, Dark Brown [7.14 RFL Only Hope Sale]
M-Arc Mirror - Mesh Frame [Free on mp]
   + [The Plastik] - Robin Remembrance Gift, Texture [currently Free in shop]
 Trompe Loeil - Free Pillow Tosses [in shop]
[Fetch] - Lazy Pillow NEW! in shop
Zigana - Holiday Spirit - Books [12.13 Arcade]
Geek - Clever Kids Guitar, Athenas BowTies Pack [3.14 Whore Couture]
   + Grimes Central Designs - Free Promo - GCD Sculpted Guitar Stand [on mp]
Apple Fall - Country Estate - Reading Pile [3.14 Arcade]
Vespertine - Bookstore Set - Green Suitcase Books, Bookstack &
                                               Key Hanging Mobile [3.14 Arcade]
[Fetch] - August Set [Chair & Table w/ or w/out Decor] NEW! in shop
Ionic - Seres - Martin [7.14 The Seasons Story]
Aisling - Bric-a-Brac Desk - Books [3.14 Arcade]
Xzari - Sheer Shade Curtain b2 [Free on mp]

Trompe Loeil - Sparrow Hill Lodge [1.14 Collabor88]

[All links and sale prices are valid at the time of posting]
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.. until she could dance no more
.. and she had nothing left to give.
The lovely Miss IsIs of Zombie Suicide has been at it again, with goodies released in the shop and for a few lovely events. Her new Riley Jumper is oh so gracefully designed to fit the Slink High Feet and comes in two different hud versions with both including a white and black leggings option. Both can be found in her shop! 
And ooh the spikey goodness! Her Spiked Headband comes in black and white with a color change hud for the spikes and can be found at the Krave Inc's Great Summer Bash event. With the Spiked Posture Collar also coming in white or black with a hud to change spike color and can be found at District 5 in Sin-City.
And Cubic Cherry Kre-ations is in Depraved Nations The Blues Hunt for men (with some unisex goodies) with their lovely The Void Face Band gifty. While The Little Bat has among her lovelies at the Black Fashion Fair a gorgeous Slink nail polish set named Fade to Noir.
Also while I'm thinking of it, have you collected your tickets for Enchantment yet?!
Hair: Magika - Rewind, Hud [02]
Makeup: Eyes: Glamorize - Color Twist Eye Makeup, 4
               Lips: Mock - Opal Lipcolor, Contessa [Lips 2]
    + Full Face: Nox - Unhealthy Glow & Reddened Lips, in Light & Red NEW! Enchanted Prize

Outfit: Zombie Suicide - Riley Jumper (for Slink High) V2 NEW! in shop

Head: Zombie Suicide - Spiked Headband, in Black NEW! @ Great Summer Bash
Face: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - {The Void} Face Band NEW! for The Blues Hunt in shop
Neck: Zombie Suicide - Spiked Posture Collar NEW! @ District 5 [Sin-City]
Wrist: Amorous - Helix in shop
Nails: The Little Bat - Fade to Noir Slink Nails NEW! @ Black Fashion Fair

Main:Verocity - Zoe Ballet, Set 2, #12 in shop
Main Top View: Verocity - Zoe Ballet, Set 1, #3 in shop

Paw Details: Fudge - [Opening Gift] Naturally Confident, Model Pose 2 [Free on mp]
                     Enchant3D - Show Off Ring (Left Hand) [mp]

Taken on location at "The Looking Glass" @ Horizon Dream
[All links and sale prices are valid at the time of posting] 
Hello lovelies,

I wanted to take a moment and a post to talk with you. First and foremost I want to thank you - each of you. From my regular visitors and friends to those just dropping in to see where to find that one thing you seen on flickr. Thank you. For your time, your visits and views and +1s and comments and shares, and just all of it over the last just over 6 months. And all of those to come. Thank you. 

And thank you, so very much, to my sponsors. For your continued support and encouragement, and your trust in my handling and representation of your brand, and the very opportunity its self. I'm so very appreciative of each of you. Really, from the bottom of my pixel heart,Thank you. 

But even more so in this moment, I need to apologize. Medical circumstances have weighed heavy on me as of late and it's been very negatively effecting my photos and blogging schedule. And I feel just awful about it. While I've made mention on facebook, I should have also done so here and let you all know what was going on as well. And I'm sorry I've kept my troubles from you, and even more so that they've effected my photos and blog (and other areas of even my rl if I'm being completely open and honest).
Side effects of medication, and now the coming off of those meds have left me extremely tired, mentally drained and clouded and unable to concentrate. Because of this I've done something I swore I would never do when starting the blog - I've missed events. I've fallen behind on posts. And for that I am so so terribly sorry. 

It's weighed heavy on my heart that I haven't been able to hold up to the work I assured my sponsors I would produce for them, that I haven't been able to create and share the images that have come to mind in the hopes of making you smile even just a bit or for a moment of your day, and I've fallen late on events to get you the information in good time. I never make promises that I don't know I can keep, and I feel that's sort of what I have done here lately. And I am so very terribly sorry for this.

Over the last few days I've started to feel better then I have in a very long time, and it's only going to continue to get better from here until I'm back to normal... well, as normal as I get. hehee.
So I've been looking into ways to better schedule the time I have to go through the process of my photography and sharing them here with you. And to make sure you get the event and sale information in a timely enough fashion that you're able to take advantage of and partake in them.

As you may have noticed, there is a bit of a process to my photography. My photos will always have a location or a scene; tell a story. Because that's what this blog is about; sharing my photography that is inspired by the amazing and wonderfully lovely things created by the so very talented creators, designers and builders of SL. To showcase their work as I see it, as it makes me feel and the stories they build in the creative nook of my mind. And to share all of that with all of you.

And so, my goal is to get out to you at least one post a week, two when time allows would be so much fun (and a lot better, huh). I'm thinking on Fridays, but that may change. With an extra piece in the last week of every month in which I will highlight a bit more of my imagination, creativity and ever learning and growing abilities within photoshop. I intentionally keep that to a minimum as my photos are taken to showcase the beautiful pieces I use to create them. But I would like to share with you some more from deep within my imagination that may not be possible even in sl, but with the help of photoshop and effects - will be. So get ready for those too!

Over the next couple of weeks you will notice things change here on the blog. I'm working on a newer, nicer, more updated layout (still  minimal though, I want to keep things easy to find and navigate and hopefully keep load time down as much as possible).

And here's where I'm hoping now for a bit of your input, your thoughts and opinions. What would you like to see here on the blog? Want more of, less of? Is there anything you don't like? Don't want to see or bother with? What do you like or find handy in a blog layout?
Please help me to incorporate some of your ideas into my design by giving me your feedback. Either here in the comments below, through google+ and messaging there, flickr, facebook. Wherever is easiest for you to connect me and share a bit of your input, please do.

I truly didn't mean for this to grow this long. But I wanted to be sure you all know just how much you mean to me, how much I appreciate you, and how much I don't want to let you down with what you would expect from a blog, from my blog. So both thank you for the bottom of my heart, and I'm so very sorry things begin to drift for a little while there. I'm on my way back, and with a vengeance! So get ready!

With the best of wishes, lots of love and the biggest of kitty hugs, always
~ Sha Riggles

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Even when they are.

Arg, rl has not agreed with my plans to blog as of late - frustrating as all hell to say the least. So you'll need to rush to grab the current sale goodies at Suicide Dollz before they close later today to set up for the new round that starts tomorrow. (I know - I'm sorry!). But with all of the pretties from Death Rocker Bettie Crocker and The Little Bat among others - you'll want to rush down there right meoooow! (Or grab them from in shop after, still so worth it!)

 Death Rocker Bettie Crocker released her second batch of these of so comfy with a bit of smexy Crush Tank Tops at the current round of Suicide Dollz. I'd be hard pressed to pick a fav! But then again, I always love her fabrics/textures! XD Soy has one of the cutest gachas out at Kustom9 with their Tapeman old style walkmen (or boom box rares). And you do NOT want to miss the sale going on now at Rose Marine - L$55 on everything! Which are all full outfits, with shoes (some slink) and all (for men and women)!
Hair: Adoness - Asteria, in Plumify [Hair Fair '14 Gift]
Makeup: Eyes: Belle Elephante - Hazy Eyes, Black NEW! for Enchanted in shop

Top: DRBC - Crush Tank Top, in Ribcage NEW! Suicide Dollz
        [round ends today, then found in shop]
Bottoms: AlterEgo - Lil Slutty Skirt [in shop]
Legs: Abrasive - Sugarbone Thigh Highs, in Midnight [7.14 Collabor88 gacha]
Feet: Rose Marine - Powerful [outfit], Mesh Poison Heels in shop SALE

Head: Rose Marine - Powerful [outfit], Mesh Sunglasses Aviator in shop SALE
Neck: Spellbound - Cursed Cookie Necklace [7.14 OMGacha]
Hand: Soy - Tapeman, Silver Blue NEW! @ Kustom9
Fingers: Cute Poison - Skull Ring, Purple [7.14 OMGacha]
Slink Nails: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails, Sinister [SALE in shop] 

 I have found my absolutely favorite pair of Slink high feet shoes! Oh. My. Word! In my search for all things cheetah print for my amazingly lovely new feet I came across these Manala Heels from Enelya's Creations. Not only is the style beautiful and sexy, the hud is AMAZING! Nearly every style or pattern you could want is in it, and with three different channels to combinations are nearly endless. If I didn't have such a love for shoes I would say I'll never need another pair again.. but well, Shoes! Although these are certainly my new go to!
Also in love with my new necklace from Fetch! Was so excited to get the Cat version of her Wonder On necklace that I really wanted from her gacha. Woohoo! 
Hair: ( r e d ) m i n t - Hair No.25'14, Dark Reds [7.14 Hair Fair]
Makeup: Full Face: AlterEgo - Trendsetter Makeup, #12 - Call Girl Red [mp only]
     + Eyes: Nar Mattaru - Galaxy Makeup Pack, Eyeshadow [Skin Fair '14 Gift]
     + Lips: Mock - Crema Lipcolor, in Magenta, Lip 0

Top: DRBC - Crush Tank Tops, Purrfect NEW! Suicide Dollz
        [round ends today, then found in shop]
Bottoms: Apple May Designs - Southern Bell Shorts, in Ash [in shop]
Feet: .:EC:. - Manala Heels [Slink high] [mp link]

Neck: Fetch - Wander On Necklace, Cat [in shop gacha]
      + Ecco - SL F&O Initial Necklace, S [SL Frees & Offers 20k members gift]
Hand: Soy - Tapeman, Mint NEW! @ Kustom9
Hand Tattoo: Pervette - [Tattoo] Hand Rosary [Slink appliers & tattoo/glove layers] 
Fingers: tea.s - Kitty Ring Set, Silver [L$1 in shop]
Slink Nails: The Little Bat - Cracked Tip Slink Nails NEW! Suicide Dollz
          [round ends today, then found in shop]

Main Image: Humanoid - Ally Dance, Ally_55 [July shop hunt]

Singles: Glitterati - Hips, 1 & 1 Junk in the trunk [past gift]
  + Goodstuff Unlimited - 22 Head and Neck Tweak Poses for Modeling, HeadE5

Paw Closeups: Enchant3D - Show Off Ring (Left & Right Hand) [mp]
KS Creations - Package 6, Pose 65-70 ['09 Bunny Hop Hunt]

Location updated asap, I do apologize for not having it here now.  

[All links and sale prices are valid at the time of posting]