No.6 : Fiery at Sea


She controlled the beast at will, 
protecting her land and taking back what was rightfully theirs. 
No army nor fleet could stand against the two.

Since Zombie Suicide's release of these lovely tentacle earrings (a bit back now) I've had this photo set in mind and once I had all of the bits and pieces (and the time) I needed... well here we go!

I found the beautifully done octopus hanging around my neck at Pixicat, during my exploration of the Nouveaux sim during the opening mentioned in my last blog post (all too long ago, for that I'm sorry), found here X with links.
And I am absolutely in looove with this Exile hair! Both Rain and Shine versions, so happy they come together and can be found at the current, March 2014, Arcade Gacha Event. I may just never take it off, so prepare! hehee. It truly is beautiful, amazingly long and just perfect.

Hair: Exile: Rain or Shine, in  4. Dark Red @ The Arcade Gacha Event [happening now, March 2014]
Brows: The Skinnery - Natural Brows Set 1, in Timeless @ The Dressing Room
Ears: Hocico - Neko Ear Piercings Black [mod][no longer available] 
Lashes: BC Designs - Freebie Mesh Eyelashes [L$1 on mp] x2
Eyes: FATE - FATEeyes [mp]
Whiskers: Drop Dead - Whiskers - Color Change [mod -tinted/resized][mp]

Skin: NVious by GG - Ivy, Freckles [no longer available]
Makeup: Eyes: Zombie Suicide - Eyeshadow Add on Set 1, in Brown
               Lips: Glamorize - Minikit 5 Lips
Tattoo: Wicked Tattoos - Ivy, in Light Ink 

Dress: On a Lark - Hung, in Black

Earrings: Zombie Suicide - Tentacle Earings V3 
Facial Piercing: Hebenon Vial - Liquid Silver [mod]
Facial Piercing 2: Zombie Suicide - Triple Dimple Piercings, in Grey
Necklace: Pixicat - Octopus Necklace, in Black 
Chest Piercing: Zombie Suicide - Chest Piercing V1
Left Ring: Amberdragon Designs - Woven free rings [FREE in mp]
Right Ring: KalRaye's Confections - Vintage Ring Gacha, Octogirl
Left Bracelet: Sweet Leonard - Big Bubble Bracelet [old group gift]
Right Bracelet: Dirty Land - Cute Chain Bracelet
Nails: Sexy Mama's - Manicure, Sculpted Prim Nails
Belly: Zombie Suicide - Tragic Belly Piercing  

Those earrings inspired something!
And lastly for this post, this image was meant to start the set - but instead has taught me to always check my settings when beginning to take photos. Otherwise you may end up with a jpeg of default settings that's just not what you had in mind... and then you'll be sad, like I was. I tried to save it! But, well...