No.8 : I've never won a thing... Oh, wait!

Woohooo!! *jumps and wiggle dances about all too excitedly*

I've been fiddling with these photos all week - thanks so much rl. So now it's been the weekend before last already (my next post also aided in the delay), but I've finally lost the ability to say "I've never won anything". And I have to say, it's sort of nice. heehee ᕙ(^ᴥ^)ᕗ

The lovely SayaNicole of Envious Creations held a little "share this image to enter" contest on the shops facebook page last weekend, and I was one of a lucky few to be selected! And I must admit, I already knew from group notices exactly which recent release I'd love to get my hands on!! ... I mean, a pretty and oh so comfy looking outfit named after your city, and a girl sort of can't help herself! Ami'right?

My buddy, Killer and I were on a walk when I decided to snap some photos to share.

This sweet little outfit is called Chicago, and I love love love it! 
From the jacket, jeans, tank and even my holster legband!
It comes with some pretty little sneakers too,
they just don't happen to fit my kitty feets. hehee

Also starting this weekend with some amazing items from an array of talented creators is Bodify, and Zombi Suicide has created a set of three different amazing piercings. 
I love these so much!

The fitting was so incredibly easy - no more adjusting each bit and the shadow piece by piece, with "edit linked" and one click you're moving each piercing, shadow and all. LOVE IT!! And a hud to pick one of eight crystal colors, they're absolutely wonderful. And I can't wait for more!

The Hannah Piercing comes in V1 the Facial Piercings, V2 the Neck Piercings and V3 a cute little set for your human feets. (seen here) You can grab your sets and so much more at Bodify, here's a ride.

Hair: Action - Lucy
Ears: Hocico - Neko Ear Piercings Black [mod][no longer available]
Eyes: FATE - FATEeyes [mp]
Lashes: BC Designs - Freebie Mesh Eyelashes [L$1 on mp] x3
Brows: The Skinnery - Natural Brows Set 1, in Timeless @ The Dressing Room 
Whiskers: Drop Dead - Whiskers - Color Change [mod -tinted/resized][mp] 
Tail: {Lemon Tea} - Neko Tail, Black [mod -retextured][first version, since updated]

Skin: NVious by GG - Ivy, Freckles [no longer available]
Makeup: Full face: Beauty by Alaskametro - Fresh 01 (dark) [FREE on mp]
               Lips: Mock - Lucir, Venom [lip 0]
Tattoo: Wicked Tattoos - Ivy, in Light Ink 

Tank Top:
Jacket:  Envious Creations - Chicago [full outfit]
Bra: Adagio Lingerie - Cadence, in Black
Shoe Paws: Fae's Fixations - Fatality, in Black

Plugs: Zombie Suicide - Leopard Plugs Add-on [mod]
Facial Piercing: Zombie Suicide - Hannah Piercing V1 @ Bodify
Facial Piercing 2: Zombie Suicide - Dimpled Cheeks with Piercings, in Grey 
Facial Piercing 3: Hebenon Vial - Liquid Silver [mod]
Joint: [ NikotiN ] - Joint_Weed (v.4) 
Necklace: Glow Studio - Clip Necklace, in Silver [past The Closet]
Necklace 2: Pomposity - Cuff Me Handcuff Necklace x2 [past Thrift Shop]
Neck Piercing: Zombie Suicide - Hannah Piercing V2 @ Bodify
Chest Piercing: Zombie Suicide - Chest Piercing V1
Left Ring: Pomposity - Cuff Me Handcuff Ring (2 Fingers) [past Thrift Shop]
Right Ring: Pomposity - Cuff Me Handcuff Ring [past Thrift Shop]
Lighter: Redux! - Flick Lighter - Green Pot @ the Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair
Clutch: Delirium Style - Glam Clutch, Cute Skull Rare [in shop gacha]
Nails: Sexy Mama's - Manicure - Sculpted Prim Nails
Belt: AlterEgo - Revenge Belt
Holster Legband: Envious Creations - Chicago

Poses: KS Creations - Package 5 [some altered ever so slightly by separate hud]

Ohh, let's play a little game! And just for the hell of it we'll do a small giveaway too.
10 points that mean nothing and your choose of one of the below listed Boogers Bears if you can guess where the name for my puppy, Killer, came from! Leave yours in the comments below with which Booger Bear you'd pick and your inworld name, if different from your screen name here - first to guess right wins!! hehee
Pick from: BoOgErS - Elerphant, Mouse, Yellow Flower, Puggeh or Pink Bunneh 

Photos taken at: Dead End City


  1. I love your buddy :P A kitty that owns a dog well now we have seen just about everything hehe

  2. @ Nai: Hehehee, I love my buddy too, he's such a good boy!! *talks to him in babytalk* hehehee <3