So This IS Happening

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You may have seen my last post or more likely seen Miss Toxxic Rhiannyr's flickr feed or something over on the AE blog, but tomorrow is the AlterEgo Fashion Show 
And I was so very lucky in placing among the six ladies to be competing for some wonderful prizes in front of an amazing group of creator judges - 
and all of YOU who decide to join us and attend.  

Hehee, Look! My name's right there! AHHHH!  ↑

I can not begin to tell you how very excited I am! AE has been in my list of "Do Not Remove For Any Reason" groups for so long, I can remember when the shop was about a third of the glorious size that it is now. LoL, Her and I have both retired outfits I have gotten from there! XD Just this past February I attended as AE celebrated their 4th Anniversary with her 4th killer BlackOut event, and it's been amazing seeing things boom and indulging in all of the cute and sexiness she has created over these last four years. And I can not wait to see what's next!

So to actually have not only won a photo contest for AE, but to get to walk the runway AT AE is pretty stinkin' cool! (And nerve wrecking! Oh good gosh! Pleeeeease don't let me walk right off that stage without any help from lag!)
I'd love to share in this experience with all of you, if you're available come by the AlterEgo shop tomorrow, Saturday March 22nd at 5:00 p.m slt and grab a seat!
Hope to see you there. 


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