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F%&#! It never fails! 
No matter how I plan, prepare or rush - it's always me whose running late.  

Although my computer is still being worked on, I simply couldn't stay away - especially not when we're in the midst of another round of the Cosmopolitan Sale Room!! I am rather sorry I'm late in getting this out though, which means you need to hurry to catch these deals! Hell, just head there now
Current round ends this Sunday the 13th of April.

Taxi? For more info visit their blog, fb and join the flickr group.

Hair: Pelle - Pearl Mesh Hair, in Coral Pink
Makeup: Full Face: Glamorize - Minikit 1, Combo
Lashes: BC Designs - Freebie Mesh Eyelashes [L$1 on mp] x3

Dress: Aushk'a & Co - Cocktail Lace Paisley Dress, in Darks Cosmo Sale Room!
Shoes: Enelya's Creations - Ysaline Heels, Kit 2

Necklace: Ashmoot - Dolly Outfit 17, Pearls & Rose Necklace, Soft Pink Cosmo Sale Room!
Right Hand: Ashmoot - Dolly Outfit 17, Rose Ring, in Soft Pink Cosmo Sale Room!
Left Hand: Ashmoot - Dolly Outfit 17, Opals Rings Set Cosmo Sale Room!

Pose: Beppin - Casual Poses, 1 Cosmo Sale Room! *CSR Exclusive*

Hair: Little Bones - Black Magic, in Dark Reds [recent group gift]
Makeup: Lips: Toxic Bish - Group Gift Lips MakeUp 3
Lashes: BC Designs - Freebie Mesh Eyelashes [L$1 on mp] x3

Tee: Silly, Spoiled, Whore - T-Shirt, in Marie Kitty Cosmo Sale Room*CSR Exclusive*
Paw Feets: SmallTime - Pawsocks, in Tri-Stripe [mod]

Pose: Beppin - Casual Poses, 3 Cosmo Sale Room*CSR Exclusive*

Hair: TuTy's - Adorable, in Chestnut
Makeup: Eyes: Glamorize - Minikit 1, Eyes
                Lips: Glamorize, My Valentine Makeup [L$1 on mp]
Lashes: BC Designs - Freebie Mesh Eyelashes [L$1 on mp] x3

Dress: Liv Glam, K Collection - Blaze of Glory 2 Cosmo Sale Room!
Shoes: HollyHood - Mesh Dangerous Heels Cosmo Sale Room!

Ear: Zombie Suicide - Gauged Ears Base
        + Zombie Suicide - Leopard Plugs Add-on
Right Hand: Munique - Bitch Ring, in Gold Cosmo Sale Room!
Left Hand: Leonard - Triangle Ring, in Gold [past group gift]

Pose: Beppin - Casual Poses, 2 Cosmo Sale Room!  *CSR Exclusive*

Also available this round of the Cosmo Sale Room and pictured in the first image above:
In the closet:  IAF - Cropped Blouse, in White Cross
Look*Me - Martina Dress *CSR Exclusive*
Liv Glam - Rear View
Zeitgeist - Slough! Boots, in Black
On the chair: Perch - Bunny Bag, in Natural
On/By the bed: Ashmoot - Dolly Outfit 17, Cute Bag, in Soft Pink
Butterfly Effect Designs - Alice 2, Ladybug, Slippers

Also in the room:
Glitterati - The Shopaholic's Closet
Vespertine - Bookstore, Bookstacks
Marmelade- TeaCups & Pots, Floor Lamp Cups
Handverk - White Rabbit Chair
anc Ltd - Bdream Sidetable, Black
Art Dummy - Slumber (bed -wood midnight)
Plethora - Geeky Floormat - My Other House (rare)

Main Image Poses: Glitterati - Jersey + AO Stand

  Cosmopolitan Sale Room {Round 10/2} 31st March - 13th April  
Taxi? For more info visit their blog, fb and/or join the flickr group.

I do apologize so much to all of you who follow me, those just passing through, just stumbling by and my amazing sponsors for the lack of new posts as of late - I've absolutely hated not being able to do so! And my creative inspiration for new photos has surely not been lacking!! I can't wait to get back on schedule and am hoping to be able to start doing so rather soon (this week I hope! *fingers crossed*).
So don't you go anywhere! And check back soon - because once my pc is back where it belongs, running as she should - the newness shall flooooooow. For now, Happy Shopping! ^_^

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